September 3rd: Cadbury Caramilk (Can)

Kcal 260 Fat 13.0g Fat(sats) 8.0g Carbs 33.0g

The search for the best Cadbury Caramel bar has truly stretched worldwide - previous reviews have seen me try:

Cadbury Dairy Milk with Caramel (UK) 9.4
Cadbury Caramellow (Aus) 8.5
Cadbury Caramellow (US) 8.1

All of which as you can see by their scores have gone down very well. Today I stepped up the search another gear sampling the 'Cadbury Caramilk' from Canada.

This 'Caramilk' bar followed the same premise as the other variations - milk chocolate blocks with gooey caramel centres. The bar came in a plentiful 52g serving that certainly provided a substantial snack. The bar came presented very similarly to the Cadbury Dairy Milk bar from Ireland - an retro looking paper sleeve with gold foil wrapping. Personally I thought it looked stunning, the bar itself also was nicely presented, with each block having a nice Cadbury logo detail inscribed... it looked a classic bar and very stylish. The foil packaging did not provide the tightest of wrappings, though the bar still retained a strong aroma. It had a very appetising dairy smell that maybe just wasn't quite as defined as our UK bar.

The bar itself was split into twelve blocks with dome shaped moulded tops. The dome shape created a larger surface area that meant the outside coating melted all that bit faster in comparison to both the US and UK bars. The melt was still super smooth, though the extra pace at which it melted did not play in its favour, as the flavour of the milk chocolate didn't last as long in the mouth. The flavour of the chocolate was almost identical to the Australian 'Caramellow' - sweeter and less cocoa rooted than the UK version, with a thinner texture. It still had a delicious milky flavour, though it simply wasn't as rich as the UK bar.

The twelve block approach of the bar meant that the blocks were the smallest out of all the different caramel variants tried so far. This meant each block contained less caramel, which resulted in its flavour being not as impactful as other variants. The caramel was very similarly flavoured to the UK bar, very sweet but balanced nicely with a light touch of salt ... extremely moreish. It was just disappointing it was lacking in its portioning in each block.

Overall this bar is yet another instance where the slightest of alterations to the format and design of the bar has been detrimental. Splitting the bar into twelve smaller pieces simply made each mouthful that less forceful in its flavours. No doubt this bar still tasted great, the chocolate wasn't quite as rich as the UK Dairy Milk but it was delicious nevertheless. The caramel, as I have said just wasn't as impactful in its flavour as other variants due to its smaller portioning with the smaller blocks...still though I must reiterate the point, the flavour it did provide was of a high quality.

So the search still continues...with the UK bar still holding onto the coveted 'best in the range' claim. Im not actually aware of any other regions that have a Cadbury Caramel offering!? Drop me a line if you know of one yourselves. A very good attempt here by the Canadians...just not the best though.

8.4 out of 10