September 4th: Snickers Charged (US)

Kcal 250 Fat 13.0g Fat(Sats) 5.0g Carbs 31.0g

Not another?? I can hear you shouting at your computer screen already!...yes indeedy another limited edition Snickers bar...and this time its CHARGED!!!

So what's the deal with this one!?...well its much the same premise as a standard Snickers but with added Caffeine, Taurine and B-Vitamins. Looking at the back of pack its confirmed the bar contains 60mg of put this in some sort of perspective that's roughly the same amount of caffeine as a regular cup of coffee (also 60mg), more than a standard can of Coca-cola (40mg) but less than a can of Red Bull (100mg) being the dedicated bloke I am, I sampled this in a suitable situation, and swapped it like for like with my morning cup of coffee.

As with every limited edition bar the Charged came in smaller serving than the standard Snickers bar - 51.9g. This equated to two things - firstly it wasn't as filling as a standard Snickers as the nougat was less kindly portioned with about half the quantity. Secondly this bar incorporated the amalgamation of the caramel and peanut layers so they were no longer separate.

The bar came in a nice looking silver foil wrapper. The bar retained an extremely alluring aroma - a nice mix of chocolaty peanutty scents emanated from the bar and smelt absolutely delicious. Out the pack the bar looked extremely weedy and smaller compared to its original Snickers comparator - the cross section also didn't look as impressive ,with the nougat layer appearing to be a little lacking in presence.

Biting into the bar it was quickly evident that many of the textures of the bar were up to the standard of the original. The chocolate coating still had a nice consistency and melted smoothly in the mouth; whilst the mixture of peanuts and caramel wasn't at detriment to either element as the caramel still gave the bar a nice chewyness, and the peanuts still provided the added crunch. What was disappointing was the nougat element, which I found to be drier and more granular than just didn't feel nice in the mouth.

So the taste...well initially all was well:

The chocolate...milky smooth chocolaty goodness..yum!
The caramel ... sweet with a nice syrupy edge... yum!
The peanuts ... a delicious buttery nuttyness with that slight salty note ... yum!
The nougat ... slightly lacking the flavour of the original...but still had a nice milky flavour...yum

Then it hit...this bitter awful aftertaste that was really quite repulsive. The added caffeine in the bar obviously gave this bar a bitter edge and it was very much likeable to the bitter saccharine taste of artificial sweeteners - to be honest it was fowl, and was a flavour that didn't leave my mouth for hours afterwards.

Overall I will admit this bar did give me the same buzz and short-lived perkyness that a cup of coffee does every morning. Before eating the bar I was pretty sceptical at the bars claims of giving this extra burst of energy but it actually did do relatively the same job....unfortunately this has come at detriment to another thing and that was the truly wonderful taste of Snickers. The added caffeine element in this bar adds an inexcusable bitter aftertaste and spoils what is truly a great tasting combination of flavours and textures. The bar also follows suit with the rest of the 'limited edition' bars and is slightly smaller in size - this comes at detriment to the nougat component which is literally halved...not a good thing! To be honest if you really want a caffeine kick from a chocolate bar this isn't a bad the heart of the matter though your better off enjoying a nice filtered fresh coffee and a regular Snickers.

7.4 out of 10