September 5th: Kit Kat Dark

Kcal 236 Fat 13.3g Carbs 25.0g

Having recently tried some of the crazy Kit Kat flavours from Japan ('Watermelon, Brown Sugar etc), it felt a bit silly not having reviewed all of the Kit Kat variants we have here in the UK. Today I went about sampling the 'Dark' variant in its four finger form - no fancy added superfood legumes to be seen here ... just simply four wafer fingers coated in dark chocolate.

Despite this 'Dark' variant being a little more fulfilling than the standard Kit Kat I was hardly overwhelmed by its sustenance. Indeed it was a great snack, but Kit Kats just never seem to completely satisfy my hunger. The bar was nicely packaged with a darkly coloured foil wrapper, I just love the look of Kit Kat fingers - classical and fun to eat; there's no end to the satisfaction to be had at splitting the fingers from each other ... I think I enjoy the cracking sound as the chocolate splits that little bit too much :) The smell of this 'Dark' variant wasn't quite as forthcoming as the original, though there was an undertone of cocoa that was pleasant enough.

The taste was exactly how I imagined it to be - mass consumer 'friendly' dark chocolate. By this I mean that this was by no means a harsh tasting dark chocolate, yet still noticeably more concentrated in its cocoa flavour. The melt of the chocolate was still as good as the original, I found it particularly pleasant letting the coating melt away smoothly on the tongue, and then enjoying the crispness of the wafer. Eating it this way also meant that the full taste of the dark chocolate could be savoured - it was a less creamy more cocoa intensive flavour. Though not as creamy as the original, the combination of the unsweetened chocolate and sweet tasting wheaty wafer was a great combination and left an satisfying chocolaty taste in the mouth.

Overall this was a bar that I really enjoyed. I wouldn't say it was better than the standard Kit Kat, though nor would I say it was worse ... its simply a different proposition. The unsweetened chocolate and sweetness of the wafer worked well together to provide a nice synergy of tastes and texture variations. This bar goes to prove its not always the best idea to go for outlandish flavours, some combinations are classic, and this is one of them. Definitely recommended, even if you're not the biggest fan of dark chocolate, this could be a good place to ease yourself in.

8.3 out of 10