September 7th: Hershey's Bliss Milk Chocolate

Kcal 240 Fat 14.0g Fat(sats) 9.0g Carbs 24.0g

I didn't know too much about this Hershey's Bliss range before **I SHOP 4 YOU II** kindly provided me with some samples. Doing a bit of research via Google I found out that this particular range is supposed to provide a more premuim Hershey's option for consumers:

"The launch is part of Hershey's attempts to cash in on the growth of the more upmarket chocolate sector in the US." ...full spiel HERE

There are three variants in the range - today I sampled the 'milk chocolate' variant ... was it really that much better than the original Hershey's Milk Chocolate!? Only one way to find out ...

The packaging looked nice yet had a very familiar appearance - on more than one occasion I did have to double check I wasn't consuming a Dove (Galaxy) product ... this is obviously a deliberate thing as the similarities are all to obvious. The chocolates themselves came in nice foil packages, I was slightly disappointed by there being no patterns on the chocolates, though the design shape provided a perfect fit in the mouth. The chocolates had a pretty strong smell that was very similar to Dove (Galaxy) chocolate. It was far stronger in its dairy scents than its cocoa intensiveness; my overall thoughts on the presentation of the product were resoundingly positive.

As I have already referred to, the shape of the chocolates were very well designed. Each piece was a perfect bitesize mouthful and melted longingly in the mouth due to its intelligent shape. The slow melt released the on-pack promised creamy taste; as the smell suggested its milk flavours were far stronger than its cocoa. Both the taste and texture were smoother than original Hershey's milk chocolate, the texture avoided clumping like I found with the original. I ate six of these chocolates in one sitting with real relative ease, the lack of real cocoa richness meant that overall this was not a product that was wholly satisfying. One thing the product did deliver was a pleasant aftertaste that had a nice creamy note to it; it was a pretty stark comparison to the yoghurty tangy taste of original Hershey's ... im pretty sure the majority of people will much prefer the aftertaste of the 'Bliss' offering.

Overall this is a nice tasting product that certainly delivers its on pack promise of being a creamy milk chocolate. It has super smooth milky taste that I would much compare to standard Galaxy chocolate. Its lack of real cocoa flavour hit damages the overall richness of the product, though this can be my only real complaint in what was really a pleasant tasting smooth milk chocolate. Im not to sure about the price of this product in the US - it would be interesting to know how it compares to the price of Dove chocolate, as it seems to be a very similar proposition. Personally I preferred this to Hershey's original milk chocolate - certainly worth a look at if you prefer a smoother tasting chocolate.

7.8 out of 10

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