September 9th: Kshocolat Milk Chocolate

Kcal 530 Fat 30.5g Fat(sats) 19.2g Carbs 57.5g

What with all the wired and wonderful flavoured products I have been sampling recently, this plain milk chocolate bar from Kshocolat appeared a relatively subdued proposition. I haven't had too much luck with the Kshocolat range so far; neither the '72% Dark Chocolate' or the 'Honeycomb & Vanilla' bars left me overwhelmingly satisfied, whilst the 'Lemon and Pepper white chocolate' didn't quite push the right buttons with me ... to be frank I just wasn't expecting much from this before consuming it.

The bar came in the standard Kshocolat paper wrapping with inner foil layer. Again I had neither any great deal of affection or disposition towards it, it was just pretty standard packaging and what you would expect from a more premuim positioned brand. The bar itself had the typical Kshocolat cocoa pod pattern moulded into the chocolate - there's no doubting it does look impressive and is far superior in comparison to a lot of other manufactures who are quiet lazy with their bars aesthetics. The bar had a reasonable aroma - it had a strong cocoa based core scent that had elements of vanilla coming through sporadically.

The chocolate had a smooth butter like texture that provided a silky melt in the mouth. This must be accountable to the high amounts of cocoa butter (18%), in texture it at least felt like a more premium style product. unfortunately the same could not really be said about the taste. It had a one-dimensional milky taste; surprising considering the cocoa solids (32%) were portioned far more heavily than the milk solids (17%). It had a smooth taste, though it was just relatively bland, the flavours never developed onwards from the initial milky creaminess. The aftertaste was actually partially sour tasting and was just not the most enjoyable. The bars lack of richness meant that it wasn't a massively satisfying product. After eating half the bar at a time (40g) I was hardly yearning for more, although this was mostly due to the unexciting taste. As with the rest of the range the bar ingredients were pretty clean - there's no vegetable fats or artificial ingredients to be seen ... unfortunately this didn't make it an outstanding bar of chocolate.

Overall in a market that is so full of different flavour variations and bars sourced from fancy locations, this was a bar hard to get excited about. It was lucky that really, as at the end of the day it was far from spectacular. The texture was quite pleasurable; it had a lovely smoothness and melted like butter on the tongue. Unfortunately the taste was really just quite lacklustre and never ventured in its flavour development to ever being more than a pretty subdued milk based flavour - the lack of cocoa depth was both surprising and disappointing relative to its proportion with the milk solids. As you will see from its score this is a hard bar to really recommend due to there being so many other far cheaper and more flavoursome bars on the market, this merely just never reaches anything more than being an average milk chocolate offering.

7.3 out of 10