Once again I feel the need to treat you all to a FREE ... yes FREE COMPETITION :D :D

So what is up for grabs this time???

Well courtesy of the great people at Dean-German-Grocery - up for grabs are seven .... yes SEVEN Nestle White Lion Bars (Click for Review!!)

So How do I win? ... Answer these Following Questions:

Q.1 Name Four brands of Chocolate that are available to buy from Dean-German-Grocery

Q.2 Name these products:To enter send your answers to Jim@Chocolatemission.net

Please include your address for your prize to be sent to if you should be so lucky to win, and please make your subject 'Competition Answers'

Entries close at 10pm 12.11.2008 - and the winners will be notified
Open to the UK & Ireland only - sorry folks - times are tight as a student :(GOOD LUCK and keep tuning in to Chocolate Mission :D
This is a competition for seven individual winners to win one Nestle White Lion Bar each!!

Small Print:
1. None of your contact Details will be used or sold on to any 3rd party companies - this is a competition solely for fun.
2. Entries must be in by 10pm 12.11.2008.
3. Only one entry per person4. Rules/Prizes of the competition may be changed at any time to my discrection..there are blatantly details I have forgotten
4. As it says above this is only open to the UK & Ireland
5. My say on anything to do with this competition is FINAL



Congratulations to:

Heidi, Jamie, Sally, James, Rachel, Ibbs & Tilly ..... You have all won a Nestle White Lion Bar!! I hope you enjoy them! 

Please share your thoughts on the bar once you have tried it!

Thanks for all the entries!!