October 11th: Milka White Chocolate

Kcal 540 Fat 29.5g Carbs 63.0g

If there is one thing I have learned on ChocolateMission it is that good quality white chocolate is pretty hard to come by. We need look no further than Cadbury themselves to see that even the best have failed attempting to play in this field. Though few and far between, Ritter Sport, Milkybar and Thorntons are all brands that have managed to create winning white chocolate formulas, could Milka follow suit? Well Dean-German-Grocery sent me this Milka White chocolate bar to find out exactly that.

The bar came in the standard Milka packaging, as I referred to in the Milka & Daim bar review I liked the way the wrapper with just only the one layer, had both an attractive look and fresh seal. As you can see above, the bar itself was clean, fresh looking yet unremarkable ... it is not as if you could really expect anything more from a plain white chocolate bar. The bar didn't have a very forthcoming aroma, when searched for I could detect a very milky smell that reminded me a lot of Milkybar.

As the appearance suggested the chocolate had a very smooth feel in the mouth. The melt was reasonably well paced, it was slower than some other Milka bars I have reviewed (see 'Chocolate Cream'), but on the whole the texture was pleasant and enjoyable. I have recently tried some very rich, strong tasting chocolates - this bar quite frankly wouldn't fall in to that category. The only element I found particularly strong was the sweetness, I guess a bar that is almost two thirds sugar is always going to be. There were some very enjoyable creamy, buttery layers to the taste, but these were soon overcome by the overbearing sugary edge. It didn't quite replicate the Cadbury Dream throat burning sensation, but the taste was enough to not make me want to eat more than a few blocks at a time ... leaving me both unfulfilled and relatively unsatisfied.

Overall this Milka offering fell down the all too familiar trap of overloading the bar with sugar ... ultimately making for an overbearingly sweet and sickly taste. Of course this may just be my own taste, I'm sure this is a product that could be enjoyed by many a reader. As far as white chocolate goes it is by far not the worst I have reviewed, neither is it anywhere near the better end of the spectrum. One maybe for those with a super sweet tooth, for the rest I would recommend other alternatives if it's a white chocolate fix your after.

6.8 out of 10

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