October 12th: Ritter Sport Butter Biscuit

Kcal 546 Fat 33.0g Fat(sats) 16.1g Carbs 54.1g (per 100g)

This has been one of the most requested reviews ever for ChocolateMission. Despite searching high and low in my local area for one of these Ritter Sport Butter Biscuit bars, I simply just couldn't pin one down until Dean-German-Grocery came to my rescue. Despite my own troubles, I understand that the Ritter Sport Butter Biscuit is quite widely available in the UK - for those of you that haven't heard of it before I can inform you that it includes 'a butter biscuit and finest cocoa cream, coated in milk chocolate'.

I won't go on again about the quality of presentation of the Ritter Sport range ... in a word it is fantastic. This bar in particular looked a real work of art when split into it's blocks. The biscuit had a nice clear presence wedged in between the thick cream and solid chocolate layers, suffice to say I didn't stick around admiring it long, I couldn't wait to tuck in. The bar also smelt pretty damn good. The milk chocolate very sweet and dairy based, and the biscuit adding a nice savoury element to formulate a pretty enticing contrasting mixture of scents.

The only similar product I have reviewed on Chocolate Mission is the Milka 'Choco Swing' ... I am glad to report this bar surpassed even that admiral effort. The outer chocolate provided a nice smooth, very milky chocolate base flavour. It had a nice melt and relatively strong taste - as I have referred to before, Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate doesn't have a unique taste quality like Cadbury Dairy Milk or Galaxy, but it is still a good quality milk chocolate. The biscuit itself was fair tasting with a sweet buttery flavour, despite it's constant contact with the cocoa cream it maintained a nice crunchy texture - something that was a real shortcoming of the Milka 'Choco Swing'. The biscuit and outer milk chocolate were good, but my own personal favourite layer was the cocoa cream. It was super smooth in it's texture and wonderfully creamy - it was extremely moreish. I ate this whole bar in one sitting, again this is instance where this is a testament to it's taste, but unfortunately also an indication at it's lacking of hunger fulfilment potential ... this probably isn't a bar you want to eat if desperately hungry.

Overall this is yet another shining star of the Ritter Sport range ... believe me there is getting to be quite a few! Each of the three components play a pivotal role in the overall taste and each have their own qualities that add to what is a great mixture of creamy buttery flavours. This is yet another bar from the Ritter Sport range that I feel confident in recommending to you all. No nasty surprises here, just another outstanding bar of chocolate.