October 15th: Ritter Sport Knusperflakes

Kcal 519 Fat 28.0g Fat(sats) 18.3g Carbs 60.5g (per 100g)

Thanks to Dean-German-Grocery I am really getting my fill of Ritter Sport at the moment. They have an amazing range of flavours, a lot of which I will be sampling in the coming weeks ... to be honest judging by the standard of the range so far I can't wait. Today I sampled the Ritter Sport Knusperflakes (aka Cornflakes) - a solid milk chocolate bar with cornflakes cereal interspersed.

As you will all know by the now the Ritter Sport range comes in 100g bars, and have smart looking, freshness sustaining, one layered wrappers. The bar itself looked interesting with cornflake pieces jutting out at all angles, the cereal looked far more generously portioned than the on wrapper claim of 12%. The bar had a pretty no frills aroma, it had a relatively forthcoming sweet chocolaty scent that was fair yet unspectacular.

The chocolate was comprised of 30% cocoa and 15% milk solids. As I reported in the Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts and Ritter Sport Cappuccino bars, Ritter Sport milk chocolate is nice enough tasting, but just lacking a certain uniqueness that would make it stand out from other milk chocolate alternatives. It has a relatively milky taste and pleasant smooth melt, being neither overly intense or bland ... just real middle of the road milk chocolate. With previous Ritter bars I have generally found that this chocolate has played perfect host to some great central flavours. The cornflake pieces in this bar provided a nice crunch that complimented the smoothness of the chocolate nicely. Despite the generous portioning, the cereal did at times struggle to express it's flavour. There were mouthfuls where I could detect a nice savoury biscuity note from the cornflakes, though there was an equal number where I couldn't detect them in the taste at all. This meant that at times this bar was not the most strongly flavoured and wasn't the most satisfying of bars, a tad surprising really given the cereal content of the bar.

Overall Ritter Sport are really the architects of their own downfall with this bar. If the other alternatives in the range were not so strongly flavoured and unique tasting, I'm sure this bar would not have reflected so badly on me. In essence there is nothing wrong with this bar whatsoever - the milk chocolate is of a good standard and the cornflakes add a nice texture ... it is just they don't converge to make a really impactful combination like the Cappuccino or Hazelnut bars from the range. This bar is far from being a disaster, especially with a score of 7.4 ... but in my opinion there are superior alternatives from Ritter Sport.

7.4 out of 10