October 16th: Ferrero Giotto

Kcal 27 Fat 1.9g Fat(sats) 0.5g Carbs 10.6g (per piece)

Once upon a time I remember these Ferrero Giotto frequently occupying a shelf at my local newsagents. Unfortunately these seem to be all but gone from the UK, though not so it seems from Germany. Dean-German-Grocery recently sent me a huge pack on which to pass my judgment. For those of you who have not heard of Ferrero Giotto before, I can inform you they come described as 'moreishly nutty wafer bites, with a creamy hazelnut centre'.

When I was younger I remember that when seeing these on display in a shop I was often scared off buying them due to their posh aesthetic look, I would quickly seek solace in another friendlier looking alternative. Now being more mature (I hope!!), I can now appreciate the quality of the presentation an awful lot better. These Giotto came in small mini packs, with three pieces in each. The foil wrappers looked stylish and very premium, with some classy designs and fonts at work. The Giotto themselves were also brilliantly presented. They had a strong creamy hazelnut aroma that emerged as soon as the foil seal was broken. The pieces looked nice in their appearance, with some nice textural variances and contrasting colours. The only slight annoyance was their proneness to crumbling all over the place ... like the Cadbury Flake this was a product that was easy to end up with more in your lap than in your mouth.

Dean-German-Grocery sent me a big multi-pack with nine, three piece servings contained within ... I am almost embarrassed to say I finished the lot in just two sittings. The size of each of the individual pieces were perfect for placing whole in the mouth. The outer coating was a fantastic mixture of white chocolate and chopped nuts. The white chocolate was sweet, though due to it's relatively small portioning, worked out well to provide an initial creamy chocolaty flavour. The next layer was the wafer, which provided a nice crunchy element to the texture - it did not have the strongest of flavours, but added a nice sugary, malty background element to the taste. In previous Ferrero products I have frequently lauded the quality of their hazelnut creme centres (See Kinder Bueno etc), once again the hazelnut creme was absolutely spot on. It was devilishly creamy and silky smooth, with just the most divine of buttery, nutty tastes - sinfully good and ever so moreish. There is no doubt these tasted fantastic, and as I have just referred to were extremely addictive ... unfortunately this brings me on to my next point - these simply just didn't wholly satisfy me. No matter how many of these I ate, they just didn't satisfy my hunger whatsoever, this was hardly surprising considering the light weight constituents.

Overall these are another great tasting product from Ferrero, but just not a completely well rounded one though. There is no denying these taste fantastic, they have a delicious creamy, nutty taste that is absolutely superb. Despite this I just can't recommend them on the basis that I don't believe they are product that completely satisfy the consumer in terms of fulfilling their hunger. For my money these are a perfect little treat to have with a mid morning/after dinner cup of coffee ... they are more an enhancing product, rather than one that should be enjoyed on their own. If you are a fan of praline or hazelnut creme products, Ferrero Giotto will be right up your street.

8.0 out of 10