October 17th: Kinder Delice

Kcal 189 Fat 11.9g Carbs 17.5g

Having already reviewed the incredibly addictive Kinder Slice way back in May, I was pretty damn pleased when Dean-German-Grocery included a few of these Kinder Delice in my sampling package. The Kinder Delice are a pretty similar product to the Kinder Slice in that they are comprised of two pieces of chocolate cake, with a layer of milk creme running through the middle. The differentiator from the Delice to the Slice is that the Delice is coated in a layer of milk chocolate.

The size of the Delice was also superior to that of the Slice - weighing in at 42.0g. Despite it actually being bigger in size I didn't really find this product anymore fulfilling, I did after all eat two in one sitting ... lol I had to be sure that the taste was consistent ... that is my excuse anyway ;) I liked the presentation of the product, the wrapper was traditionally Kinder styled with the red and white colours. The Delice itself looked appealing and had nice a decorative pattern on top the chocolate coating. The milk creme layer looked a bit sheepish in between the two thick cake pieces ... it was not portioned half as generously as with the Slice. Remembering back to the Slice review I can recall it having a particularly off putting old milky smell, this wasn't the case here with the Delice, it's aroma was more rooted in the chocolate element; it was far from being massively enticing, but it's smelt sweet and had some degree of appeal.

Despite the thinness of the chocolate coating it's flavour was really quite impactful due to a layer of chocolate creme that sat just below it. It had a sweet taste that was very smooth and milk based. Biting into it gave a nice initial crisp texture to the bar, it's melt was also nice and smooth. The sponge cake pieces were a little unspectacular, they weren't the most flavoursome and could have done with a touch more cocoa. As with the Kinder Slice the real shinning star was the milk flavoured creme filling, it had a silky smooth feel and deliciously creamy dairy taste ... it was just a shame it wasn't as generously portioned as with the Slice, as at times it got dominated by the sponge pieces. The aftertaste of the product lasted a surprisingly long time in the mouth and had a nice lasting milky taste.

Overall I have come to conclusion that Ferrero have a real tendency for crafting moreish products ... and this was no exception. It was ideal as snack, but I couldn't help but eat two at a time ... in a way this is a testament to how good it tasted - though when looked at in a different light it does indicate that one wasn't all that satisfying. There is no doubting this is a seriously good tasting product. Fans of the Kinder Slice will definitely approve, it has nearly everything that is great about that product, but with the extra addition of a fair standard chocolate coating. Hardly setting the rating system alight ... but a great product and highly recommended.

7.8 out of 10