October 18th: Ferrero Raffaello

Kcal 180 Fat 13.0g Fat(sats) 8.0g Carbs 13.0g (per 3 pieces)

Ferrero have been a bit on a run as of late in the Chocolate Mission stakes. You may have noticed I have been working my way through their portfolio (thanks to Dean-German-Grocery), with scores very rarely dipping below the 8.0 out of 10 mark. Today I sampled the Ferrero Raffaello, a product described as 'creamy coconut wafer almond bites' ... what no chocolate ... surely you can't review these Jim!?? Err Yes I can :D

Dean-German-Grocery were kind enough to send these across in a 150g pack, I did try limiting myself to only eating a few at a time, but these like most Ferrero products were ridiculously moreish. The product was beautifully presented, encased in a beautiful box, each with a stylish branded plastic wrapper. The Raffaello themselves looked stunning, they had a snowy white, fluffy looking outer appearance, golden looking wafers, creamy looking whipped fillings and perfectly shaped whole almonds placed in their centres. They also smelt absolutely divine - opening the small plastic wrappers a creamy coconut smell emerged; it smelt very fresh and very enticing.

This was yet another Ferrero product where half the outer layer ended up falling into my lap - as ever this was a slight annoyance. The outer particles that did make it into my mouth provided nice strong, initial coconut and milky flavours. The crunchiness of the coconut went nicely with the crispness of the wafer, whilst the milk creme holding the coconut crumble in place provided a nice smoothness. Like all Ferrero wafers the flavours were not the strongest, though this was really not an issue given the strength of the rest of the elements. Within the wafer was the white praline filling, for my liking it was a tad light in it's texture, though this can be forgiven due to it's absolutely fantastic taste. The light texture meant the flavour didn't last all that long, but it did provide one sinfully tasty nutty, creamy experience. At the heart of the white praline was a wonderful almond, which further added a last crunchy element to the experience. The nut also gave an extra buttery note to the flavour, though I couldn't help thinking that maybe a hazelnut would of given a longer lasting final flavour hit.

Overall yet again Ferrero deliver another superb product. The formula of the crumbly outer layer, wafer, truffle centre and nut piece is obviously not the most unique (Rocher & Rondnoir), but I see little point in changing a winning formula. These Raffaello are sinfully creamy, and ever so moreish, anyone who can eat one at a time, congrats you must have some amazing self control. To enjoy these you will have to enjoy coconut, if you don't, the initial coconut outer layer may put you off these. For Ferrero and truffle fans alike I can recommend these almost as strongly as the Ferrero Rocher and Rondnoir. Another triumph from Ferrero, who are fast becoming one of the most consistent Chocolate Mission brands.

8.4 out of 10