October 18th: Snickers Flapjack

Kcal 308 Fat 17.9g Carbs 31.4g

Having reviewed the Cadbury Dairy Milk flapjack last week I thought it only fair I give this Snickers flapjack a chance on the Chocolate Mission rating system. Described as 'a delicious flapjack with roasted peanuts and caramel, topped with milk chocolate', I was pretty hopeful of its chances given the original bars prestige

The flapjack came in a 60.0g serving, it was a sufficient snack though I was expecting more from such a product. I was disappointed by the appearance, the outer wrapping was pretty good looking, though the flapjack itself was poorly put together. The base of the flapjack simply didn't fuse together well enough, it was mushy and too soft, which meant it all too easily fell apart. The product as a whole just didn't look all that impressive, it looked particularly weedy in comparison to the Cadbury alternative. One thing I did enjoy was the smell of the flapjack, it smelt wonderfully nutty, which made up somewhat for the poor aesthetics.

As the appearance suggested the base of the flapjack was overly soft and crumbly. This gave the flapjack a real lack of substantially, as well as making it a real inconvenience to it. The peanuts that interspersed the soft base added a nice distinctive nutty element to the mild buttery oat flavours, the base on the whole though still largely lacked a really impactful flavour. I was pretty disappointed by the level of chocolate included, it was a very thin layer that lined the top of the flapjack and it really struggled to stamp its authority in the overall taste. The peanuts aside, none of the other ingredients really managed to leave a lasting impact, I can only wonder as to the whereabouts of the caramel in the scheme of things. 

Overall the lasting feeling I was left with after eating this flapjack was one of disappointment. Given the absolutely brilliant standard of the original Snickers bar I was expecting a product that was at least impactful in terms of its flavours ... unfortunately this was not the case. The limpness of the flapjack base was disappointing, though its lack of flavour more so. The milk chocolate was lacking in its presence and really needed to be far more plentiful in its portioning. The roasted peanuts at least provided a nice nutty element to the taste, though given the rest of the bland ingredients it still didn't make up for the lack of flavours. I personally wouldn't recommend this unless your a real Snickers fan, this was a product with great potential but was by and large disappointing. 

6.6 out of 10