October 19th: Ritter Sport Joghurt

Kcal 517 Fat 38.1g Fat(sats) 22.7g Carbs 48.4g (per 100g)

My relentless assault on the Ritter Sport range continued today with me sampling the Ritter Sport Joghurt... that's Yogurt to us non-German speaking ... as if you didn't know that ... well I hope you did :D .... So milk chocolate with a skimmed milk yogurt cream filling - I know across Europe that Milka and Lindt have similar bars, but for us Brits this is quite the unique proposition.

Now we all
know my admiration for the Ritter Sport packaging, so lets not go into that again, one thing I will remark on though is the lack of nutritional information supplied, something that is of particular annoyance given you have to traipse all the way onto the website to get the required information ... I do a lot for you guys ;) Splitting the bar up I was pretty astounded by the size of the filling, as you will see above it had a fair old thickness and looked remarkably prominent and well portioned (45% in actual fact!!). The product didn't have the most outstanding of aromas, it offered a sweet chocolaty dairy scent, though it was nothing out the ordinary or anything indicative of the flavour of the bar.

Having rev
iewed so many Ritter Sport bars recently it seems a little like groundhog day when describing Ritter Sport milk chocolate. It had a nicely balanced taste, more milky than cocoa weighted. The melt was smooth and nicely paced, however it still lacked a real uniqueness that other brands have. In the context of this bar the soft melting chocolate nicely revealed the slightly denser creamy filling. The sweetness of the chocolate contrasted nicely against the more sharply flavoured centre. The yogurt cream had initial milky, creamy flavours that progressed nicely into a more impactful tangy dairy taste. The edgy nature to the end of the taste made the flavours last a little bit longer in the mouth; 50g of this bar at a time provided a more than satisfying serving size.

rall Ritter Sport just keep delivering the goods with yet another fantastic flavour variation. The milk chocolate is of course of a better than mediocre standard, and in this bar in particular it played nicely against the sharper, ever so mildly soured centre. Given the extremely generous portioning it was lucky the filling was as well executed as it was. It had a smooth creamy appeal that benefited greatly from it's differentiated tangy finish - it seemed to make all the difference in that the flavours just seemed to last that little bit longer. I once again highly recommend this Ritter Sport bar, another real treat from a range that just keeps on serving up great quality flavour variants ... long may it continue.

8.4 out of 10