October 1st: Ferrero Rondnoir

Kcal 52.5 Fat 3.5g Fat(sats) 2.0g Carbs 5.0g (per chocolate)

No sooner had Dean-German-Grocery sent me a pack of these Ferrero Rondnoir all the way from Germany last week, I saw this trade article Terry posted on The Chocolate Review stating Ferrero's intent at bringing them to UK shores:

Well it didn't take them long to start appearing in the UK shops - I saw them in both my local Tesco and Woolworths at the weekend ... the invasion is well and truly on, and let me tell you now what a treat they are.

Dean-German-Grocery sent me through a pack of twelve of these Rondnoir, each chocolate was an extremely rich experience that was both satisfying and fulfilling. Although I did on one occasion eat five in a row, they were equally as satisfying eating one or two at a time. When I reviewed the Ferrero Rocher I was distinctly impressed with the presentation of the product. Despite my slight reservation towards the crumbly outside layer (messy!!) I had similar feelings about the appearance of the Rondnoir. The boxed packaging was nicely presented and had a premium look, apart from the slight annoyance of the fragile coating the chocolates also looked exquisite and wonderfully crafted - thumbs up here. Opening the foil wrappers I was met with a pleasant dark cocoa smell, it wasn't the greatest or most distinct of chocolaty aromas but it was still very tempting.

One of the main features I loved about this product was the layering. The outer crumbly chocolate pieces and wafer provided a nice crispness against the softer inner smooth chocolate creme; right at the centre of the chocolate creme was a small, hard spherical chocolate piece. Together the different and varying textures made for an interesting and contrasting array of flavour intensities. The outer frosting and wafer layers provided a pleasant initial biscuity sweetness, whilst the middle creme gave a nice smooth slightly milky but unsweetened chocolaty taste. The real defining element of the taste came from the burst of extra cocoa flavour from the hard pearl sized centre - it just really topped off an extremely rich tasting chocolaty hit. As you can imagine the flavours left a long lasting impression in the mouth. Balanced, creamy and strong tasting ... what more could you ask for!?

Overall these are a fantastic product from Ferrero and are one that I highly recommend. They are perfect chocolates to both indulge in on mass, or separately for sharing occasions. Supposedly these are aimed at catering for the market who don't enjoy nuts i.e. won't buy Ferrero Rocher ... well not only do I recommend them to those people, but I also recommend them to Rocher fans aswell ... in my book they are even slightly superior. As you can tell I enjoyed these immensely, a superb, affordable chocolate offering.

8.9 out of 10