October 21st: Hershey's Rally

Kcal 300 Fat 17.0g Fat(sats) 7.0g Carbs 36.0g

I was recently contacted by reader Geraldine - who informed me that she had sourced (and was selling) some Hershey's Rally bars through her ebay shop Yankee Soda and Candy. After doing some research it seems to be that these are somewhat of a rare bar. From what I can gather they used to be quite a popular selling bar in the US ... but somewhere along the line got discontinued. Cybele over at Candyblog recently likened the Rally to Hershey's Canadian version of the 'Oh Henry!'. It seems quite likely this Rally bar is simply one of those repackaged ... well personally I can't make the comparison myself having only tried the US Nestle version of the 'Oh Henry' .... blimey how confusing this all is!

Reading the on-pack description - 'Chocolatey nut roll' this bar instantly brought back dreadful memories of the quite frankly terrible Payday 'Avalanche' - thankfully it was far, far superior. The bar looked like a thinner, more structured version of the 'Avalanche', avoiding the dull and dusty complexion of the aforementioned. Upon opening the nice retro looking wrapper, I was met with an absolute barrage of very forthcoming nutty scents - frankly it smelt fantastic.

The bar had an outer layer of thick 'milk chocolate' ... inverted commas due to it being comprised of an assortment of oils. Despite it's artificial constituents it had a relatively tasty sweet milky flavour. Sure, this wasn't milk chocolate at its finest, the texture was a tad grainy and lacklustre in the thickness of it's melt, though on the balance it did it's job. The next layer consisted of whole peanuts and caramel - a perfect complimentary pairing. The peanuts had a fresh, strong nutty taste and provided a particularly enjoyable crunchiness to the bite. The caramel that fused the nuts provided a perfect buttery sweet flavour that offset the saltiness of peanuts superbly. The centre filling was a layer of chewy fudge - I found it largely disappointing in it's strength of flavour, though it did add a large substantiality factor to the bar. Weighing in at 62.0g and with it's strong nutty flavours, this was a very satisfying bar .... you would expect so to for 300 calories I guess.

Overall despite not knowing the complete story behind this bar, one thing I do know is that I actually rather enjoyed it. The chocolate and fudge layers are far from groundbreaking, though the sheer strength of the combination of the peanuts and caramel layer make for a wholly satisfying bar. It has elements that remind me of the Reese's Nutsrageous, Nestle 'Oh Henry!' and the Nestle 'Baby Ruth' ... all rolled in to one. I am hoping some kind American reader is going to provide some clarity on the origins of this product. Until then I suggest if you like the sound of this bar then it is well worth trying out.

8.2 out of 10

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