October 22nd: Cadbury Eclairs

Kcal 35 Fat 1.3g Carbs 4.9g (per one piece)

I have no idea why these have taken me so long to review given the fact they are one of my most frequent purchases. I don't think I can actually recall seeing a person ever turn down one of these chocolates when offered. The fantastic inside-out combination of hard caramel and Dairy Milk chocolate seems to have a pretty universal appeal ... I can tell you now I'm not going to argue against that.

I bought these in a standard 200.0g bag, which lasted all of a few hours sitting on my desk parked next to my computer whilst doing a uni assignment. I like the packaging of Eclairs, the foil wrappers for each of the pieces look nice, and the gleaming caramel surface gives a nice fresh look. I had never cross-sectioned an Eclair before but for the purpose of the review I did so as you can see above - looks good huh!? Despite the foil wrappers the pieces really lacked a forthcoming smell. I guess this was to be expected with the nature of the product, though the caramel was utterly scentless ... only when really searching for it could the most subtle of chocolate smells be found.

Why these are described as chocolate caramels I do not know. The outer layer is distinctly hard in my book - making it more of a toffee ... oh well who cares. The hardness of the 'caramel' really means that there is one way to eat these and that is by slowly sucking on the pieces in the mouth. Doing this allowed the ultra buttery sweet flavours of the caramel to slowly intensify -  producing a quite fantastic taste. What makes this product work so well is the fact that the slow sucking of the outer caramel slowly means the inner creamy chocolate heats and melts, making it wonderfully silky when it finally emerges from the softening caramel. The creamy Dairy Milk flavours added brilliantly to the slow releasing caramel taste ... the only disappointment was that the pieces melted away without leaving too much of lasting impression - how do you solve that problem??? ... well of course you grab another .... and another .... and another .... maybe one more .... uh oh the bags empty!! DOH!!

Overall whoever said that chocolate isn't addictive should really open up a bag of these and attempt to only eat one before putting the pack away ... I think it is simply impossible. The caramel is amazingly well executed, and the Dairy Milk adds that delicious product defining contribution to both the texture and the taste. If the flavours had lasted longer the score would no doubt have been far higher on the Chocolate Mission scale. I'm guessing these are already probably a favourite for the majority of people reading this blog, but for those that haven't tried them I strongly suggest you do ... just don't blame me for your inevitable Cadbury Eclair addiction :D

8.0 out of 10 


On the subject of Cadbury, they are actually running a pretty cool competition that I have been asked if I can share with you all: 

"Making use of the 'Chocolate Steam Dream Machine', you are able to design your own Dairy Milk chocolate bar. If the parrot judge likes it, your very own, one-off Cadbury's chocolate bar could be made and sent to you in the post!"

Would be pretty cool to have your own bar made huh!? Would you eat it though! That is the question!?