October 22nd: Cadbury Magical Elves

Kcal 70 Fat 3.9g Carbs 8.4g

Well well well - It looks like our beloved Freddo has some competition this Christmas! I spotted these Cadbury Magical Elves in with all the Christmas gear at Tesco, and hurriedly grabbed a handful. In my haste I didn't check to see the price so anyone with this information please do share it. 

The packaging stated that the product was comprised of 'milk chocolate with magical popping candy' ..... 'magical popping candy'??? what on earth!?? ... according to the ingredients it was basically sugar, glucose syrup and lactose .... so yeah sugar!! The outer-packaging of the product was reasonable, it was obviously aimed at the younger consumer with a central colour coded elf character taking a focal point of the wrapper. The chocolate mould itself was crafted with the elf character pulling the same rather odd pose as with the Freddo ... I don't know what it is but the whole finger to the mouth thing is a worryingly suggestive pose for a kid focused product :) maybe it's just me. The product did have a nice aroma. Upon opening the wrapper some very familiar sweet Cadbury Dairy Milk scents restored some element of anticipation.

Right let the rant begin ... the Cadbury Dairy milk chocolate tried to deliver its usual delicious creamy, chocolaty flavours but the unnecessary extra sugar content from the 'popping candy' all but spoit its taste, making it overly sweet. Now I don't think I have one good thing to say about this 'popping candy' malarkey. Personally I thought the crackling, popping sensation to the texture was awful ... I just didn't like the fizzing sensation it brought to the back of my throat. Not only this but it disrupted the smoothness of the Dairy Milk and added a completely undesirable extra sweetness ... nope nothing good to say whatsoever. Have I even mentioned it was about half the size of a Freddo yet?? 

Overall this has to be one of the most unrewarding chocolate items I have reviewed for this site. In my opinion the 'popping candy' completely ruined the product - adding a frankly awful popping, fizzy sensation that was not only horrible in its texture but also managed to ruin the taste and smooth feel of the Dairy Milk. Sometimes Cadbury get it wrong ... really wrong (Bournville, Dream etc) .... I honestly wouldn't waste your time with these. Get out of my sight you small, insignificant little elves, give me back my 15p Freddo!! 

4.2 out of 10