October 23rd: Ritter Sport Praline

Kcal 549 Fat 33.5g Fat(sats) 15.3g Carbs 52.1g (per 100.0g)

Today's reviews is dedicated to ChocolateMission reader Lottie, who has frequently recommended this bar to me. Comprised of milk chocolate filled with a huge amount of praline (42%!!!), this was yet another Ritter Sport bar literally crammed full of the proposed filling. Given the praline context of the bar, the comparisons with Guylian were all but inevitable.

The aesthetics of this bar were quite reserved for the range in comparison to say the 'Whole Hazelnut' bars. The outer-packaging was attractive if a little understated, the cross-section of the bar confirmed the wonderful generous amount of praline filling. I was expecting more of a distinctive smell, the nutty element seemed all but overwhelmed by the dairy scents of the chocolate, which was a bit of shame as it could have really set the expectations for the fantastic taste to come.

Personally I think Ritter bars are fantastically sized and sectioned. Each little piece always seem to provide the perfect ratio of filling to chocolate. The milk chocolate played the familiar role of being a slightly better than average chocolate, taking the backseat to the added flavour. I hope people don't perceive this as criticism of the chocolate, it isn't the most flavoursome, but its milky flavours provided a suitable smooth background element to the taste that perfectly accentuated the filling. The praline was slightly denser in its thickness compared to the chocolate, and had the slightest grainy, powdery feel. The creamy, hazelnut flavour was strong and extremely tasty and provided a long lasting nutty taste that lingered in the mouth for an extended time. Half a bar per serving (50.0g) was a more than satisfying experience, and certainly provided the desired chocolaty flavour hit.

Overall this was yet another strong showing from the Ritter Sport range, which is fast becoming one of the most consistent brands I have reviewed. The milk chocolate was again unspectacular, though provided a nice base flavour before the indulgent praline filling. My personal opinion is that the praline filling here was better than that of the Guylian products I have reviewed. The texture was far superior, and was smoother in it's melt in comparison to Guylian praline. In the context of the Ritter Sport range, despite my own personal preference lieing with the 'Whole Hazelnuts' bars, the flavours in this bar were fantastically balanced and creamy, and provided a very enjoyable chocolate. I would highly recommend this bar to any Ritter Sport fans, or fans of nutty chocolate combinations. Another very well deserved score for the German brand.

8.4 out of 10