October 24th: Reese's Snackbarz

Kcal 120 Fat 5.0g Fat(sats) 2.5g Carbs 16.0g

Reese's certainly aren't a brand scared of launching new products are they!? It seems almost every other week I hear about a new product of theirs! Today's review comes courtesy of Yankee Soda & Candy, who are actually the only UK distributor I have seen with these in stock as of writing!! So what have Reese's come up with this time?? ... 'crispy rice & marshmallow with Reese's peanut butter' ... an interesting mix I thought and well worthy of a quick review.

The bar came in a 25g serving and was about the same size of the Kelloggs' Rice Krispie Square I reviewed the other day. I ate this as a mid-afternoon snack, though was not left entirely satisfied - I could have easily eaten two. As you can see the bar had pretty typical Reese's styled packaging, with orange being the dominant colour. One thing that did quirk me a bit was the spelling of 'Snackbarz' ... why oh why spell it with a 'z'? It is neither cool or contemporary, and more of an insult to the consumers intelligence if anything. Small rant aside ... the product smelt wonderfully Reese's ... by the term 'Reese's' I hope you can gather it had strong nutty scents that were wonderfully enticing.

The bar was split into three main layers. The bottom layer had the smallest coating of Hershey's milk chocolate. It added very little to the overall taste, though it did a grand job at adding a moistness to the texture bar. The middle layer consisted of the rice cereal, as you can probably imagine it was not the strongest tasting or most substantial, though it gave the overall taste a wheaty, malty connotation that was to be expected. The upper layer of the bar was quite frankly absolutely gorgeous, and was formed of an amalgamation of marshmallow and peanut butter. It had a wonderfully strong creamy flavour that had brilliantly contrasting elements of sweet and salty aspects to its taste that really made the bar a pleasure to eat.

Overall this is by far not the shinning star in the Reese's portfolio, it is still a great tasting small snack, and probably one of the nicest cereal bar type items I have tried *ahem Kelloggs' Rice Krispie Square*. The bar simply isn't big enough to be a truly satisfying experience, though I would greatly welcome the implementation of the marshmallow and peanut butter layer in a grander form. If you are interested in your low calorie, small tasty snacks this could well be worth you taking a look at.

7.8 out of 10