October 25th: Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate Raisin & Nut

Kcal 490 Fat 25.5g Fat(sats) 13.5g Carbs 57.5g (per 100.og)

Milka have thus far produced some mighty fine bars of chocolate - the 'Milka & Daim' and the original 'Alpine Milk' being no greater examples. Fruit and Nut however is a different kettle of fish altogether - many have tried with very few nailing the combination on the head completely. Cadbury, Hotel Chocolat, Toblerone and Montezumas had all scored pretty respectfully on the ChocolateMission rating system, so this Milka bar from Dean-German-Grocery had some pretty high standards to live up to. Comprising of the standard Alpine Milk chocolate, Raisins (19%) and Hazelnuts (6%) even before opening, it had already overcome the first hurdle by not containing chopped almonds.

I won't bleat on again about the high quality of Milka packaging - you all know I think it's great. One thing I will mention is the attractiveness of the bar itself - it had a unblemished appearance on the top side of the bar, though turned over the bar revealed the sheer abundance at which the raisins and nuts were portioned ... it looked impressive indeed. Despite the heavy presence in the aesthetics of the appearance, the fruit and nut element was surprisingly absent from the smell of the product. Don't get me wrong - the bar had a pretty great smelling dairy like aroma ... it was just the lack of fruit and nut element was a minor disappointment.

I ate this bar over two really satisfying, fulfilling servings eating half the 100g at a time. The chocolate retained all the fantastic attributes of the original Alpine milk bar, as well as actually being enhanced by the additional ingredients. The taste was deliciously creamy and the melt was fantastically smooth. The usual slight nutty edge to the Milka Alpine Milk chocolate was further intensified by the hazelnut pieces, this resulted in the flavours lasting even longer in the mouth. The raisins were equally as enhancing to the bar, they gave a pleasant sweet, sugary fruity element to the taste, whilst adding an extra softer, chewy variation in the texture. Raisins can sometimes be really hit or miss in such bars, but these were amongst the most flavoursome and enhancing I have tasted ... great stuff.

Overall I am glad to be able to inform you that this bar deserves it's place siting amongst the upper tier of the fruit and nut offerings. Both the raisins and the hazelnuts added unique and enhancing textures and flavours, which already given the high quality of the original Alpine Milk chocolate, it was always going to be hard pushed not to be of a good standard. Fans of Milka and Fruit and Nut products should both be satisfied by this bar. A highly enjoyable product that I would recommend to all.

8.5 out of 10

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