October 25th: Nippon

Kcal 538 Fat 31.4g Carbs 56.0g (per 100.0g / 9 pieces)

Having reviewed the Caramel Chocolate Kellogg's Rice Krispy Square the other week, Dean-German-Grocery sent me across their German equivalent 'Nippon' to see if it would fair any better on the ChocolateMission rating system. These were delivered to me in a 200.0g packet that included 18 mini puffed rice squares that had been dipped in milk chocolate ... it took myself and a few friends a matter of minutes to munch our way through the lot.

These really were no a frills product - from the packaging to the actual squares themselves they were entirely unspectacular. The outer plastic packaging was very plain looking, though the inner plastic tray was a nice touch for the protection of the squares. Despite looking relatively boring in their looks, the squares actually had a relatively forthcoming sweet malty aroma that managed to give them some sort of appeal.

The chocolate that fused the product was was relatively decently portioned, and provided a nice creamy chocolaty base flavour. If I had to liken it to anything I would say it tasted very similar to bog standard Nestle milk chocolate (like on Kit Kats etc!) ... by all means unspectacular, but at the same time relatively pleasurable. I was somewhat disappointed with the crispness of the rice cereal, the chocolate had seemed to soften the rice somewhat meaning it lacked the desired crunch. The flavours of the cereal were also relatively sublte, they were far from the sugary 'Sugar Puffs' type of rice cereal, and added more of a wheaty, cereal undertone to the chocolate.

Overall I would say these were better than our Kellogg's Rice Krispy Square, though were still far from being a spectacular - 'must-try' product. The portioning of the chocolate was quite generous, and it did have a nice milky appeal - a real contrast from the chocolate starved Kellogg's alternative. Unfortunately though, every other aspect struggled to be little better than average, the cereal, overall presentation and hunger fufillment credentials were all nothing more than mediocre. I wouldn't really go out my way to recommend these, as there is nothing really that special about them. If you come across them though, they will provide a decent enough tasty snack.

6.5 out of 10