October 26th: Aero Mint

*** UPDATE 04/01/11 ***

New Wrapper Added

Kcal 256 Fat 14.7g Carbs 28.4g

I think I must be the only person left in the country buying into the Aero brand at the moment. Poor Aero, I'm willing to bet that despite their best efforts of putting the brand back on TV and giving it a re-designed wrapper (not pictured!), that the recently returned Cadbury Wispa is wiping the floor with it in terms of it's market share. Despite rating the Cadbury Wispa higher than the original Aero, my review of the Aero Mint Bubbles was even more positive. Because of this I was very interested to see how the Aero mint in bar form would fair.

As I mentioned above the brand team has in actual fact given their outer packaging a re-design. It is lucky for Aero I am rating the bar on it's old design, as to be honest I prefer the old school paper and foil retro look over the new cheaper plastic looking one. The bar itself also had a fairly decent look. Some may feel the brightness of the green may be a little garish, though myself I thought it gave the bar a unique look. Relieving the bar of it's inner foil wrapper a wonderful minty smell was released. There was no getting away from the freshness of the mint aroma - it smelt pretty fantastic to me.

Last month when I reviewed the original Aero I criticised it for it's waxy outer texture. Despite this being no different with this mint variation, I must pass comment on how superb the overall texture was. The middle bubbly centre had a further coolness factor added to it, which combined to the aerated nature of the centre made for a fantastically unique feel on the tongue. As well as the bar being superb in it's texture it was also fantastically flavoured. The 'middle-ground' milk chocolate that seemed so average and boring in the original bar was a near perfect 'robin' to the mint centres 'batman'. The taste of the brightly coloured centre was fantastically fresh and prevalent with it's strong yet creamy peppermint flavours. The mint taste was extremely long lasting and stayed alive in the mouth for an extended duration.

Overall this was a highly enjoyable, satisfying bar that proved to me there is still life in the Aero brand yet. The subtleness of the milk chocolate complimented the minty filling superbly, allowing the forcefulness of the minty flavours to rightfully take centre stage. The coolness from the mint gave the melty chocolate a wonderfully unique clean, crisp texture. Mint chocolate fans this is one I am sure you no doubt already love, if you haven't tried it yet I suggest you really get a wriggle on. The Aero brand team can breath easy for now ... but with the inevitable re-release of the Wispa Mint (not yet confirmed!!) you have to believe that even this bar might have an uphill struggle.

8.6 out of 10