October 26th: M&M's Chocolate Brownie

Kcal 355 Fat 17.5g Carbs 45.9g 

This isn't the first brownie product to get a ChocolateMission review - those of you may remember the slightly disappointing Reese's Peanut Butter Brownie I reviewed a few months ago. Being generally quite happy with the M&M's brand after the recent success with their 'Premiums' line, I thought why not give their delicious looking brownie a try.

Billed as a 'chocolate brownie topped with milk chocolate and mini M&M's', the product came packaged in both an attractive plastic wrapper and plastic inner box for protection. I was somewhat disappointed by the lack of M&M's content. For starters I only got the 7 which didn't equate to much, but also they were only three colours - red, green and brown ... I guess this was partially down to luck, though you would expect them to have some consistency measures in place. The brownie had a pretty desirable buttery, cakey smell that was pretty evident upon removal from the wrapper. 

Chocolate content was never going to be a problem here - and boy was this one chocolaty experience. The brownie had a nice texture, that was both firm and moist. It had a sweet aftertaste, though during its time in the mouth it radiated a nice chocolaty, buttery set of flavours that I very much enjoyed. The milk chocolate layer that lined the top section of the bar was just about the right thickness and added an exta dimension of sweet milky flavours to the overall taste. The mini M&M's were really the only real letdown. Due to their size their taste was largely just sugar based due to their crispy shells. Despite their minimal portioning, the bites where they were present the extra sweetness they added felt unecessary as the cake was already sweet enough. 

Overall this was pretty satisfying snack, and delivered big time in terms of a chocolaty hit. I can't help but feel the point of the M&M's was slightly missed though, and I would have far preffered standard sized M&M's to have been used rather the smaller Mini versions. If Mars were being really clever they would integrate the M&M's into the brownie mix itself, aswell as placing them ontop ... now that sounds great to me. Despite the areas of improvement, I still think this was a pretty good product, and one I would recommend if your a fan of brownies.

8.0 out of 10