October 28th: Cadbury Dairy Milk Black Forest

Kcal 242 Fat 12.0g Fat(sats) 7.1g Carbs 29.8g

The last bar I reviewed from Cadbury that was manufactured in New Zealand was the simply dismal Cadbury Buzz... I was really hoping todays bar the Cadbury Dairy Milk Black Forest was going to be a hell of a lot better..thankfully it was!

The Black Forest incorporates 'Dairy Milk milk chocolate with cherry flavoured jellies and biscuit pieces', all in a single serving 45g bar. The packaging looked nice...pretty typical Cadbury with a snazzy looking foil wrapper...the bar was split into eight chunks as shown above and had a nice look with the Cadbury logo cleanly scribed into each block. The bar had a familiar Dairy Milk creamy smell though had a slight scent of very sweet artificial fruitiness...the aroma was nice but I was a little curious with regard to the sweet fruity smell.

Further adding to the conundrum of the formulation of Cadbury Dairy Milk (see CDM Irish!), this New Zealand sourced variation of the recipe comprised of 27% cocoa solids and 25% milk solids. It had a similar taste to our English version though had a stronger cocoa edginess in the aftertaste. Its flavour was no where near the creaminess of the Irish though I must say I preferred the thinner texture with this bar as it allowed the other elements of the bar to express their flavours and not be lost in a overly dense chocolate.

The biscuit component was not the strongest in flavour but did add a pleasant crunchiness to the smooth chocolate....as I said it wasn't the strongest in taste and offered no more than the slightest wheaty flavour. The jelly pieces were really the distinctive element of the bar and I very much enjoyed their inclusion. They had a gummy bear like texture and provided a unique chewiness against the other smooth and crunchy textures. Like their smell suggested they were artificially sweet but lets face it...who do sent enjoy the occasional fruit flavoured gummy!?...well I do anyway! The jelly pieces were spread nicely throughout the bar and were present in nearly every block.

Overall I really enjoyed this bar and found it very refreshing in the way that it was a unique combination of flavours and ingredients...there just isn't currently anything else like it on the market. The combination of great tasting Dairy Milk chocolate and jelly pieces is executed brilliantly and I particularly enjoyed the experience of letting the smooth chocolate melt away in my mouth and then sucking on the remaining cherry jelly pieces. If your a fan of Haribo sweets or Maynards Wine Gums this would definitely be a bar you would enjoy. Its a real wonder why this bar doesn't have worldwide distribution and is only being sold in the New Zealand...that said its worth tracking down if you can find it - highly recommended!

8.6 out of 10