October 28th: Milka Caramel

Kcal 540 Fat 33.0g Carbs 56.0g

Similar to the case of the Milka Fruit and Nut of a few days ago, this Milka Caramel certainly had a lot to live up to considering that the Cadbury and Galaxy Caramel bars are still taking pride of place at number two on the overall Chocolate Mission leader board. As far as I am aware Milka Caramel is not available here in the UK ... not that I have seen anyway. Thankfully this bar is just one of many that comprises Dean-German-Grocery's extensive collection ... so I suggest you head there if this bar tickles your fancy.

As you can see in the above picture, this bar took a bit of a different angle to the market norm in regard to it's caramel centre. The bar was coated in the standard Milka Alpine milk chocolate, though the middle contained both a caramel flavoured cream centre as well as a more typical gooey caramel layer. This was a concept communicated well through the presentation of the product. The picture looked enticing and the cross section revealed the distinctive layering. The bar had a fantastically sweet, honey like smell that I would have savoured for longer had I not been so eager to taste the product.

Both the flavours and textures I got from this bar were superb. The inner caramel centre was absolutely divine - combining a delicious mixture of dairy flavours from the cream filling and sweet toffee notes from the more liquid gooey layer. Initially the distinction between the two components was quite evident, though once the super smooth melt had progressed they merged into a fantastic sweet, creamy taste. The outer Alpine Milk chocolate for my liking was a little thin in it's proportioning, it's flavour never really stamped its authority on the taste as it's melty nature made it all but disappear to quickly. Had the chocolate been that bit more prominent, the longevity of the flavours in the mouth would no doubt have increased. The flavours were fantastic, though a bit short in terms of their lifespan.

Overall I have big respect for Milka trying something a little different in terms of their caramel centre. It would have been all too easy for them to follow the typical route of filling the bar with any old golden coloured, sweet syrup and being done with that. Milka stretched themselves by incorporating the extra caramel cream layer, and have really created a product that brings something new to the caramel bar table. The taste of the caramel filling was delicious, I would say it even surpasses the caramel from the Cadbury and Galaxy bars. The only slight issue is that the level of chocolate isn't sufficient enough to really stamp it's presence on the taste ... a problem that could so easily be solved by increasing the proportioning of the Alpine Milk. This is both a unique and fantastic offering in the caramel market and one that I really whole heartidly recommend - my favourite Milka bar to date.

8.7 out of 10