October 2nd: Reese's Milk Chocolate Big Cup with Nuts

Kcal 430 Fat 26.0g Fat(sats) 8.0g Carbs 41.0g (per 2 big cups)

This has been a product I have wanted to try for a very long time - the sheer thought behind it had me convinced this had to be a terrific idea ... a standard Reese's Peanut Butter Big Cup .... just with added extra nuts ... genius surely!?

The packet I was sent to sample by ***I Shop 4 You 2*** contained two...yes two Big Cups - weighing in at a mighty 79.0g. Each cup packed a whopping 13.0g (20% of an adults RDA) of Fat! To be honest this became less of a surprise when I sectioned one of the cups for the above photo ... it was literally crammed full of nuts. It didn't say on the pack how much of the total constituents was actual peanuts but I can tell you for a fact it would be well over 50%. The extreme nutty content looked fantastically appealing ... at last a product name living up to it's billing ... no skimping here whatsoever. You wont be surprised to hear that the product had a fantastic nutty aroma ... everything from the packaging, to the smell just highlighted the extreme nut content - genuinely fantastic.

The product had really bigged itself up in it's appearance and presentation, and it didn't let itself down. Thankfully the pretty bland tasting milk chocolate seemed to be lessly so portioned to normal. As you will see above it wasn't quite as thick as you would probably would have expected it to be. It was typical Reese's milk chocolate, a waxy melty texture with little more than a short sweet milky taste ... it was lucky really that the main focus was the absolute treat of a centre.

The middle filling consisted of a huge amount of peanut butter that had whole peanut pieces thrown into the mix. The peanut butter was the usual creamy, roasted, buttery goodness with that ever so important lick of salt. The additional peanuts further intensified the nutty flavour and also provided an interesting extra dimension to the texture ... they were wonderfully crunchy and actually fresh tasting. The additional peanut pieces further enhanced the aftertaste making it even longer and even more satisfying than ever. One of these at a time provided a more than fulfilling snack, kudos to anyone who could eat two at a time ... I just don't think it's even possible.

Overall this has to be one of my favourite Reese's products I have ever tried ... and as you will know I have tried my fair few. The peanut butter filling was its usual fantastic standard ... the additional peanuts just further added to the intensity of the nutty flavour, whilst adding a superb crunch to the texture. The only way I could see this product bettered would be with the implementation of either the milkier Reese's white chocolate or the fuller flavoured Reese's dark chocolate. A fantastic product that is a must try for peanut butter and chocolate fans - I cant recommend it enough.

8.9 out of 10

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