October 31st: Milka Luft White Chocolate

Kcal 540 Fat 29.5g Fat(sats) 18.0g Carbs 63.0g (per 100.0g)

Those of you who remember my review of the Milka White Chocolate a few weeks ago, will be aware that I wasn't its biggest fan. Despite this, Dean-German-Grocery were kind enough to include this limited edition 'Luft (Air) White Chocolate' in their latest sampling package. This was an aerated variation on the standard white chocolate bar ... basically think Milka White Chocolate meets Wispa / Aero style chocolate.

Despite its aerated form, the bar still came in the standard 100.0g serving. The bar was about the same size in length as the standard Milka bars, though it was about three/four times the thickness. The design work of the bar reminded me a lot of Aero chocolate, with bubbles visibly present in the cross-section of the bar. On the whole, the product was presented nicely aesthetically, the same could not be said about the smell. I remember with the standard Milka White Chocolate bar I was pushed to identify the minor milky aromas. With this Luft bar a smell was all but absent - with a small generic sweet scent the only thing remotely detectable.

Despite the chocolate formulation remaining the same, there was no doubting that the 'Luft' format changed its delivery. The taste of the bar was still heavily dominated by its sugar content - one look at the ingredients revealed this was to be no big surprise. The bar was still awfully sweet, though this sweetness was managed to a degree by the lighter nature of the chocolate. Despite feeling lighter, the chocolate did little to take advantage of the potential of the aerated texture. The melt just seemed to plod along as normal, with none of the fizzy, melt in the mouth texture qualities that are so present in other aerated chocolate alternatives (Wispa /Aero etc) ... pretty poor to be honest. I ate this bar over four servings .... despite the slightly friendlier taste I still could not stand more than 25.0g at a time ... a pretty unsatisfying experience to say the least.

Overall I have rated this 'Luft' variation even lower than the original bar, for the sole reason that the unique selling point of the bar - the Luft aerated texture, failed to deliver on almost every level. Despite making the overly sweet taste a tad more bearable, the texture remained dull, lifeless and empty feeling in comparison to the more superior aerated chocolate offerings. Again I am going to suggest to you that there are better white chocolate products available - though I guess if your a fan of super sweet chocolate with a lighter texture, there is potentially some pleasure to get from this bar ... maybe.

6.0 out of 10

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