October 3rd: Cadbury Bournville Deeply Dark

Kcal 535 Fat 39.3g Fat(sats) 24.0g Carbs 37.6g (per 100.0g)

A long time ago in a Waitrose far, far away .... I bought this Cadbury Bournville Deeply Dark bar, well ok it was my local Waitrose, but it was certainly quite a long time ago. After the poorness of the original Cadbury Bournville my motivation to really go out my way to try this bar was hardly sky high, and in truth it had been lieing around in my box of bars to review for a fair few months. Well finally after a nudge from dedicated reader Alan I got around to reviewing this 'Deeply Dark' Bournville variant - a bar that promised 'chocolate with caramelised cocoa nibs and coffee'.

The first thing I noticed about the bar was it's nice appearance; it combined a decorative paper wrapper with a tightly packed foil layer. Looking at the wrapper more closely further revealed a few home truths ... though branded as Bournville the product actually stated it contained 60% minimum cocoa solids (original Bournville contains 39% min!!), what more was that the wrapper also revealed the bar was manufactured in France ... no not Birmingham the 'home' of Bournville but France ... lol this just struck me that this bar wasn't Bournville at all ... merely another bar of chocolate using the Bournville brand!! Sneaky eh!?
Anyhow - the bar was nicely presented, the chocolate itself was sectioned perfectly into bitesze chunks, each with a neat Cadbury logo. The bar had a pleasant alluring smell which was strongly coffee weighted ... I could literally smell the beans yum!

This was an extremely rich bar that I enjoyed over a few days. Breaking off a few chunks of the 100g at a time provided a delightful chocolaty hit, this bar was extremely rich. Again this was yet another chocolate that was best enjoyed letting it melt on the tongue. Doing so allowed the cocoa nibs to really release their delicious flavours; unlike the original Bournville it had a full bodied dark taste, that had undertones of nutty, fruity flavours. It was certainly a far more full flavoured taste, but it still maintained a relative sweet milkiness in its aftertaste. The smooth melt and highly enjoyable taste of the dark chocolate was good ... but the best was still to come. Letting the chocolate melt away left small granules of coffee, which when crunched released the most delightful of coffee hits, it was a near perfect compliment to the dark chocolate and made for what was really a long, rich taste.

Overall this was a bar that surprised me on so many levels. I will freely admit that due to the sheer poorness of Cadbury Bournville, I really wasn't expecting much from this bar, but it really delivered a great tasting dark chocolate with a delicious coffee after kick. After the revelations of the wrapper - its clear this isn't actually a Cadbury Bournville bar, what it definitely is though is rather damn tasty one. If your a fan of coffee flavoured dark chocolate, this is a bar I seriously recommend you try - very good indeed.

8.4 out of 10