October 5th: Fry's Peppermint Cream

Kcal 215 Fat 6.9g Carbs 36.3g

With both the 'Lindt Lindor Mint Truffles' and exceptional 'Lindt Excellence Mint Intense' having been reviewed in the last few weeks, this Fry's bar was always going to have a hard time - lets be honest they both set the mint chocolate combination standard pretty high. On request of Chocolate Mission reader Alan I today went about rounding off my reviews of the Fry's range, trying out the Fry's Peppermint Cream.

The bar came in a pretty sizeable 50g serving, one thing I personally think worth noting are the nutritional values which appear to be really quite low for a bar this size ... that's if your not looking at the carbs aka. sugar!! Personally I think the packaging is starting to look a little bit outdated and could really do with a bit of a spruce up - its not quite retro, nor is it contemporary ... a bit late 90s if you know what I mean. In my other Fry's reviews I have referred to the bar as being poorly sectioned, yet again this was true, they simply just didn't have a clean break off, and caused an annoying mess when splitting! The bar smelt nice enough - it had a nice undertone of cocoa and a strong peppermint smell!

I normally find the flavour of Fry's plain chocolate rather dull and lifeless - though I seemed to be able to pick up more of flavour with the less concentrated flavouring of the mint centre. It had a pleasant enough unsweetened cocoa flavour, the lack of sweetness from the chocolate actually counter balanced the fondant centre nicely - it was a good combination. The texture of the chocolate wasn't the smoothest in its melt; it did seem to clump slightly in places, though I was too busy enjoying the surprisingly chewy fondant centre to care all that much. The fondant centre provided an enjoyable minty taste, not quite as fresh or as flavoursome as the 'Lindt Excellence Mint Intense', but avoided the pitfall I was expecting to fall down - and wasn't too sugar intensive in its taste. The aftertaste was very mint rooted and left a favourable taste in the mouth; this wasn't the most filling of bars but it was a pretty satisfying one.

Overall out of the 'Frys Cream' bars this one was definitely my favourite. There is certainly improvement to be made in the chocolate quality and actual design of the bar though when considering the price in its comparison to the Lindt Excellence Mint Intensive this really isn't a bad choice. The chocolate and mint flavours are balanced nicely, and I think if your a fan of mint chocolate combinations this would definitely be a bar you would enjoy. The best of a pretty bad bunch!

7.0 out of 10