October 9th: M&M's Premiums Mint Chocolate

Kcal 240 Fat 14.0g Fat(sats) 9.0g Carbs 24.0g (per 42.0 serving)

Today sees review number three of five of the M&M's Premiums - in the form of the 'Mint Chocolate' variant. Liz from **I SHOP 4 YOU II** has informed me that these are by far and away the best sellers of the 'Premiums' range, no surprise really when you look at the very tempting on pack description - 'white chocolate mint wrapped in dark chocolate'. It wasn't long ago I reviewed the M&M's Mint Crisp, a product that although I enjoyed, I wasn't all too impressed by their presentation or aroma credentials.

Well straightaway these M&M's Premiums solved those problems - the packaging was stylish and relevantly coloured, and the M&M's themselves looked extremely appetising with their marble design finish and distinct layering. The smell of these M&M's Premiums was also completely superior to that of the 'Mint Crisp', they had an unsurprising but enticing minty fragrance ... as I had come to expect from the range the presentation was top notch.

As with all the M&M's Premiums these replaced the outer crunchy shell of the original M&M's, with a 'confectionery glaze' (coconut oil, starch and colourings). This gave the M&M's a wonderful initial smoothness that complimented the even smoother two chocolate layers nicely. Letting the M&M's melt on the tongue slowly revealed each layer, the dark chocolate layer was as you would expect from mass consumer friendly dark chocolate ... more like unsweetened milk chocolate rather than a chocolate with its cocoa prowess accentuated. The outer dark chocolate was nice enough, though personally I would have rather a more impactful, richer flavoured alternative. The white chocolate mint layer was nothing short of superb; it had a deliciously cool refreshing mint flavour and was wonderfully balanced in it's creamy sweetness. The marriage of white chocolate and mint was near perfected here. Despite being very flavoursome, the creaminess of the middle white chocolate mint meant that the taste didn't last that long in the mouth. As with the rest of the range, these came in a 170.0g box - supposedly four servings. Due to the nature of their taste I consumed the whole box in only two separate occasions. Despite their fantastic taste these were extremely moreish and not all that fulfilling ... a dangerous mix.

Overall these are another great addition to the M&M's Premiums range, and I can see why they are currently extremely popular with M&M's consumers. Even before tasting these I could tell they were superior to the M&M's Mint Crisp, the presentation was nothing short of superb - this instantly had the problems of the M&M's Mint Crisp solved. Tastewise they were equally as great, the dark chocolate was not the best, though the white chocolate mint layer was both creamy and refreshing. Despite the relatively strong flavours these were certainly not the most fulfilling chocolate I have ever tasted, which was the only slight drawback of the product. Though I would say I marginally more enjoyed the 'Triple Chocolate' variant from the range, I would definitely say that if you enjoy chocolate mint combinations these are a real must try.

8.3 out of 10
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