November 13th: Lindt Christmas Magic Selection

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Today sees me review my first selection box of chocolates. I have made a slight adaptation to the scoring criteria: replacing the sustenance score, with a score for selection (variety etc), for the obvious reason that selection boxes are more about consuming in smaller quantities but with a wider choice. This Lindt Christmas Magic Selection was sent to me by Dean-German-Grocery and forms part of the Lindt Christmas range.

In typical Lindt fashion, both the box and chocolates contained within looked fantastic. The box had a nice selection of colours and golden font. The chocolates themselves were presented in a golden coloured tray. Each of the chocolates were formed well, in particular the bell and star shapes which had some very intricate detail. The chocolates had a very pleasant aroma that had buttery, cocoa and dairy notes - yum! Below are my tasting notes for each piece, each of the different pieces were rated on a system that went from awful, poor, standard, good, very good and excellent.

Star - This piece was best enjoyed by biting off the strongly flavoured milk chocolate on top and enjoying it separately from the superb white chocolate. The base had a delicious milky, vanilla taste that included small pieces of crunchy coconut. Very good.

Diamond - Had a delightful creamy praline taste. It had a vastly softer texture, almost like fudge. The flavours didn't last that long in the mouth, however the hazelnut praline taste was outstanding. Very good.

Dusted Ball - This was a Marc de Champagne truffle, that included the same luxurious filling than the Lindt Marc de Champagne truffles I reviewed last week. Full of flavour and silky smooth. Excellent.

Cone - These milk chocolate praline pieces came presented in nice mini silver wrappers that made them look absolutely superb. Their taste was far milkier than the rest of the chocolates, though the nutty praline did come through in the end. Very moreish, but the flavours didn't last all that long. Good.

Bell - A fantastic layered chocolate that included layers of outer milk chocolate, cream filling with crunchy nut pieces and a nice layer of lighter praline above. The contrast of the smooth fillings, with the crunchy small nutty pieces was very enjoyable. best of the lot. Excellent.

Overall this was a fantastic selection, and I enjoyed each of the five different offerings. The smallest of grumbles would be that the one I favoured the least (cone shape), was portioned three times, and the others only two. That aside, each and every piece had a fantastic taste, and the variety in textures was simply superb. If your going to be gifting a selection box this Christmas you could go very little wrong here.

9.0 out of 10