November 14th: Galaxy Smooth Dark

Kcal 521 Fat 33.6g Fat(sats) 28.0g Carbs 48.0g (per 100.0g)

Having tried the US equivalent Dove Dark Chocolate last month, I thought it best I get a wriggle on and get round to trying the UK Galaxy version. The bar described itself as 'deeply smooth, intensely delicious and not at all bitter' ... confidence for you eh!?? I will be the judge of all that thank you Mars :)

The bar came in a 125g serving, which when related to the £1 I paid for the bar, was actually quite plentiful. The bar was pretty well presented, the packaging was coloured with appropriate darker shades of brown, and even included two layers of foil. The chocolate itself had a pleasant looking wavy shaped design implemented on each piece, much the same as the milk chocolate variation. As well as being well presented  the bar had a nice aroma, it had forthcoming cocoa scents that certainly had a good degree of appeal. 

When looking at the back of wrapper I was surprised to see the bar contained 50% cocoa solids, to be honest I was expecting more of a milder formulation like the Bournville 39%. What was more surprising was that this actually translated into the way the bar tasted. The bar had a strong cocoa base flavour that grew in its intensity as the melt progressed. Although the cocoa flavours became greater and greater in their concentration, as the on-pack description suggested the taste never became bitter, and was nicely balanced by a nice creamy element. The bar tasted great, but what impressed me most was that the bar retained the gloriously smooth texture of the milk chocolate variant. The melt was nicely paced and amazingly silky feeling in the mouth. The richness of the cocoa flavours meant that a 50g or so serving of this was both plentiful and satisfying. 

Overall I am really rather angry with myself for taking so long to review this bar ... it was actually a really good standard dark chocolate. I often describe popular brands dark chocolate variants as 'mass consumer friendly' ... in that they generally aren't intensified in their cocoa content at all, just merely unsweetened versions of their original milk chocolate variants (its not always a bad thing!!! see Mars / Snickers / KitKat for examples!!). Anyway, this term couldn't be more untrue of this bar ... the cocoa flavours were amplified, yet nicely balanced with a nice milky undertone that culminated in a delicious dark chocolate that had a fantastically smooth texture. I would highly recommend this Galaxy variant, especially if your looking to ease yourself into dark chocolate. An excellent choice for dark chocolate beginners, especially for the bargain price of £1!!  

8.8 out of 10