November 14th: Ritter Sport Whole Almonds

Kcal 557 Fat 36.8g Fat(sats) 17.9g Carbs 45.4g (per 100.0g)

Having exhausted all the Ritter Sport Whole Hazelnuts variants (see Dark, Milk & White), I today turned my attention to the Ritter Sport Whole Almonds variant. Unlike the hazelnut variants, this bar only comes in the one chocolate format - milk chocolate. I have seen this variant available in the UK, but today's bar was again provided to me by Dean-German-Grocery.

This was yet another from the 100.0g bar range, like the hazelnut variants this bar comprised of 23% nuts .... all the way from California so the packaging told me! As you can see above the packaging was a distinctive green colour and had some relevant whole almonds pictured on the front. The bar appeared just as presented on the front of pack, with almonds plentifully portioned across its entirety. Their whole nature meant the pieces didn't break off cleanly, though I guess this was to be expected from such a nut heavy chocolate. The smell of the bar was noticeably lacklustre, there was no indication of the almonds whatsoever, the usual dairy scents of the milk chocolate also seemed somewhat toned down.

From the very first piece this bar reminded me of the Ritter Sport Peanut bar, which you may remember wasn't my favourite Ritter Sport variant. The milk chocolate fulfilled its usual duties of providing a relatively average milky tasting chocolate. It normally works so well for Ritter Sport bars as it normally accompanies some big hitting added flavours (see Praline, Yogurt etc!), unfortunately as with the Ritter Sport Peanut bar the added flavours from the almonds were somewhat lacking. The almonds were no where near as flavoursome as the hazelnuts variants. Despite their whole nature they were largely flavourless, only adding the most minor of incremental buttery elements to the taste. I was also somewhat disappointed with the texture of almonds, they had an almost squeaky and soft feel when bitten into ... they certainly didn't have the desired crunch. The lack of real hard hitting flavours from the almonds meant that in comparison to other whole nut products this wasn't the most satisfying, saying that 50.0g still provided a moderately fulfilling snack.

Overall this was one of the more lacklustre Ritter Sport variants I have reviewed, solely due to the poorness of the almonds. The milk chocolate as ever delivered a smooth, milky base chocolaty context, though the bar was severely let down by the disappointing almond nuts. Both their taste and texture were lacklustre, they paled in comparison to the the far more flavoursome and fresh tasting hazelnuts variants. Personally I really wouldn't recommend this bar, as there are far better in the Ritter Sport range. Possibly one for really big almond fans, but I think even they will be left disappointed.

6.8 out of 10