November 15th: Thorntons Almond Marzipan Bar

Kcal 198 Fat 7.8g Fat(sats) 3.7g Carbs 30.3g

It has been a long while since I have reviewed any Thorntons products, so today I thought I would dip into one of their more appropriate seasonal offerings - their Almond Marzipan Bar. This bar was formed of 'dark chocolate, finished with milk chocolate with a smooth marzipan centre' and is available all year round in their impulse bar range. I am not the biggest marzipan fan, but even I could appreciate the Ritter Sport Marzipan bar, so I had an open mind with this one.

The bar came in a 45g size that provided a sufficient snack - due to the sweetness this was probably about the right size. The product was presented nicely, the wrapper had a nice matted finish, and the bar looked nice with the dark chocolate finished off well with the drizzle effect of the milk chocolate. The marzipan looked very well portioned when cross sectioned, on the whole it looked better than your average chocolate bar. Opening the pack I was somewhat surprised at the smell, the cocoa scents I was expecting from the dark chocolate were all but absent. The product had a very sweet smell that I can only presume came from the marzipan, it didn't smell nutty, just very sweet. 

Looking at the back of pack I was a bit taken back by the claim the dark chocolate contained 60% cocoa solids. If I had to liken the taste of the dark chocolate to anything it would unfortunately be the Cadbury Bournville, it had very weak cocoa flavours, and a cumbersome, slow grainy melt. The milk chocolate didn't even register in the overall taste, as I assumed its presence was mostly for decoration. Where the chocolate failed somewhat the marzipan partially made up for. It had a nice dense texture that certainly gave the bar a bit of presence compared to the all but forgettable chocolate. The taste of the marzipan was like the smell suggested, and was very sweet. It lacked the distinctness of the buttery, almond flavours of the Ritter Sport Marzipan, though they were present in a more toned down form. The sweetness of the marzipan meant this bar did become a bit sickly, this could probably have been subsided somewhat if the chocolate had been more meaningful in its flavours.

Overall this wasn't a bar I massively enjoyed, and I am not too sure I would be recommending this to anyone anytime soon. The chocolate was on the whole poor, lacking both the flavours and textures to balance the taste of the marzipan. The bar was presented well, though this was only of minor worth considering the other problems. If your a real marzipan fan you could possibly get some pleasure from this bar, I would suggest the Ritter Sport Marzipan over this though.

6.6 out of 10