November 17th: Hotel Chocolat Heavenly Holly

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Just when I thought my Hotel Chocolat Christmas experience was over for this year after my review of the Hotel Chocolat Cool Yule, the kind folk at Hotel Chocolat decided to send me yet another batch of festive treats. Included in this selection was a Christmas themed 'Peepster Box'. Given that I now have a fair few Hotel Chocolat products to review before Christmas, it looks like I may have to break a habit of the last 6 months and post more than one Hotel Chocolat review a week .... oh what a shame :)  I started off my look at this new Christmas 'Peepster' by trying the 'Heavenly Holly', a slab that promised - 'white chocolate holly leaves on a bed of milk chocolate'. 

This slab came in a single 100.0g serving that did me for two sittings. I am going to end up saying this in every review from this box, but I was a little disappointed that more was not made of the Christmas theme on the outer packaging. Only the names and slabs themselves actually displayed the fact they were Christmas themed - the black box and plastic packaging did little else to indicate so. This aside, everything still managed to maintain a classy look - especially the slab, which was nicely decorated with a centerpiece of white chocolate holly that had a good amount of crafting detail. Once the plastic packet of the slab was opened, the mixture of dairy and cocoa scents were as ever very indicative of the taste and extremely enticing.

The milk chocolate was of the typical house 40% recipe, and was every bit as tasty as every other experience I have had with it. The cocoa flavours were strong, and the chocolaty taste crisp and clean. The melt was wonderfully paced and formed into a thick, double cream like density once suitably melted. The aftertaste was long and left a milky freshness in the mouth. What I enjoy so much about these sorts of slabs are the centerpiece features - which in this case was the white chocolate holly. I don't know what it is, but I always find it highly satisfying picking my way round the piece and saving it for the last bite ... of course the white chocolate didn't let me down. It provided an outstanding extra injection of creamy, buttery vanilla flavours that complimented the milk chocolate simply superbly - a very fitting way to finish the slab.

Overall this was another truly fantastic slab from Hotel Chocolat, though I probably could have told you that  before I tasted it. The 40% was wonderfully implemented, and once more provided its creamy cocoa led flavours as satisfyingly as ever. The white chocolate holly went beyond just providing a pretty decorative piece, delivering a wonderfully extra creamy finish to the slab. This selection is shaping up nicely - and this was damn good start. 

8.7 out of 10