November 17th: McVitie's Chocolate Digestive Flapjack

Kcal 316 Fat 14.g Fat(sats) 7.0g Carbs 41.8g

I have been tearing through McVitie's range of flapjacks at a fair rate of knots in the last few weeks - first the Snickers Flapjack, then the Hobnobs Flapjack and today the Chocolate Digestive Flapjack. I will reiterate again that I am not the biggest biscuit fanatic, though I did like the sound of this 'flapjack with digestive bits, topped with milk chocolate'.

The flapjack was delivered in much the same fashion as the Hobnobs variant in a plentiful 65g serving. The plastic packaging again looked ok aesthetically, though I thought the flapjack itself looked rather plain looking ... it would just look far more interesting with a logo or pattern implemented on the top of the chocolate. The bar lacked a chocolaty scent, however there was a reasonably pleasant, but still quite minor buttery aroma.

It is fair to say that if your a fan of the Chocolate Digestive biscuit, your really going to quite enjoy this flapjack. All the typical wheaty flavours of the biscuit were present and formed the main constituants of the overall taste. The buttery, wheaty flavours of the biscuit were well complimented by the other syrup and oat ingredients of the flapjack, providing a pretty long lasting taste. As with the Hobnob variant, the milk chocolate topping was lacking in its influence. It had a nice milky flavour, but it was largely lost in the dense nature of the flapjack base. This was an enjoyable mid-afternoon snack, and was a pretty filling one at that.

Overall this was another pretty fair standard flapjack, and I am sure it will come as no surprise to you when I suggest that your preferrence between this or the Hobnob variant will be down to nothing more than which is your favoured biscuit. The milk chocolate in both was pretty poor, having very little impact on the overall taste. The base of this Digestive flapjack combined both the biscuit and oaty elements superbly, delivering a by and large satisfying and fulfilling experience. My own personal preferrence lies with the Hobnobs variant as I prefer the extra element of saltiness in the taste, though truly there is little variation between the two. If your a fan of the biscuits I suggest you get well and truly involved.

7.4 out of 10