November 18th: Terry's Chocolate Orange Snowball

Kcal 535 Fat 29.5g Fat(sats) 17.5g Carbs 63.0g (per 100.0g)

Look what I found on a BOGOF in Woolworths this weekend!! Yes indeed it seems like Terry is getting himself involved with Christmas this year, in the form of this Chocolate Orange Snowball. For those of you that haven't put two and two together this Snowball is comprised of 'white chocolate flavoured with real orange'. I am actually quite partial to a bit of Terry's Chocolate Orange, as proved by my reviews for the Milk Chocolate and Golden Nugget Crunch, so I had a fair bit of optimism before consuming this white variant.

I really liked the presentation of the product. Everything from the outer packaging, inner foil wrapper and even the chocolate itself incorporated the festive theme well. The cartoon design work on the outer cardboard box looked fun, and the inner foil not only maintained the product in a fresh state, but actually looked rather nice with a snowflake pattern. The chocolate itself was nicely formed in the usual Terry's Chocolate Orange sphere - it looked both unique and appetising. The usual orangey smell typical of Terry's wasn't quite delivered to the usual standard here - a yogurty tangy smell partially distracted my senses from the usual fruity scents.   

Mass produced white chocolate can be brilliant at its best (see Thorntons White Chocolate / Milky Bar), but truly terrible at its worst (see Cadbury Dream) ... thankfully this bar sat nearer the better end of the spectrum. The white chocolate was extremely sweet, but it also had a relatively large amount of flavours contributing to the overall taste. The underlying base flavour throughout was a strong powdered milk one, it was creamy but sweet and was finished nicely with just a hint of vanilla. As with all Terry's products the orange was the dominant constituent of the taste. Unlike the smell suggested its strength was as prevalent as ever - it was fruity, refreshing and nicely balanced with the chocolate. I ate this 170.0g sphere over a fair few sittings (8 or so!?), I enjoyed the taste but it was devilishly sweet - I could only handle a few segments at at time meaning this wasn't the most fulfilling product ever. 

Overall this was an enjoyable variant of the Terry's Chocolate Orange brand - not quite the best, but good nonetheless. Considering the mass produced nature of the white chocolate it was actually surprisingly full of flavour, all too often manufactures just replace the cocoa with sugar. Indeed the white chocolate was sweet, but it was equally as flavoursome with a nice creamy, vanilla noted taste. As ever the orange flavouring was nicely balanced delivering a strong zesty taste that complimented the chocolate nicely. If your a white chocolate or orange fan I would recommend this, possibly overly sweet for some though. 

7.9 out of 10