November 19th: Celebrations

Kcal 506 Fat 26.8g Carbs 60.6g (per 100.0g)

Looking at the contents of the Celebrations selection really makes impressive reading. So many of the brands included in the collection have done well on the Chocolate Mission rating system in their standard forms - Mars, Snickers, Bounty, Galaxy Caramel just to name a few. Could they deliver the same satisfaction in bite size form? I put this to the test.

Much like I did with the Cadbury Roses I bought this product in a 70.0g pack, which included one of all the different variants. I thought the presentation had both good and bad points. I can't say I am the biggest fan of the outer packaging - I don't know what it is about the Celebrations logo but I really don't like it. I liked the small mini branded foil wrappers each of the chocolates came in - they not only kept them in pristine condition but they all of them also looked aesthetically pleasing.

Below are my tasting notes for each different variant:

Galaxy - lacked a truly telling aroma. The size and shape of the block was of the 'old' design, which delivered a wonderfully thick melt. Usual delicious, long creamy taste. A good standard milk chocolate. Very Good.

Bounty - Very appealing coconut driven aroma. The smooth melt of the chocolate transitioned nicely into the rougher texture of the coconut centre. The milk chocolate could have done with being a bit thicker, though it provided a nice chocolaty base flavour for the milky nuttiness of the coconut. Very Good.

Malteser - Completely different proposition to the usual Maltesers. Lacked a telling aroma and was an awkward shape. The melt was smooth but felt somewhat greasy. The flavours of the chocolate weren't as forthcoming in comparison to the other variants - surprising as I would have thought they would have used the same chocolate recipe. The malt centre saved these and was actually quite pleasant. Standard.

Galaxy Caramel - Appealing sweet scent. The creamy taste of the chocolate was well delivered with the usual thick, double cream like consistency. The caramel was wonderfully portioned - offering a distinct sweet, buttery set of flavours with its luxuriously soft, slightly chewy texture. Excellent.

Mars - Smell largely dairy driven with a hint of sweetness from the nougat. The chocolate was thick enough to substantiate a milky base flavour that worked nicely in tandem with the sweetness from the caramel and the nougat. The nougat slightly dominated the caramel, which could have done with being a bit more generously portioned - still highly enjoyable though. Very Good.

Snickers - The chocolaty, peanut smell was very forthcoming and hugely enticing. The milk chocolate was well portioned and its pleasant melt substantiated the chocolate base flavours well before revealing the inner caramel, peanuts and nougat. The caramel and peanut elements delivered the classic sweet and salty taste to perfection, and the nougat gave the piece a real substantialty - my favourite. Excellent.

Milky Way - Delightful sweet, dairy smell. The milk chocolate was just about the right thickness and provided a nice chocolaty base flavour. The inner nougat wasn't the most flavoursome in comparison to other selections from the box, though it still had a milky, vanilla type appeal with a nice firm texture. Standard.

Galaxy Truffle - Like the Maltesers pieces these are only available in the Celebrations selection. The size of the piece was a bit on the large side, though there was no arguing with the taste. The outer chocolate melt was thick and revealed the truffle centre nicely. The delightful creaminess of the outer chocolate was even bettered by the luxurious lighter truffle centre - why oh why are these not available as a stand alone product? Excellent.  

Overall these are a fantastic selection of chocolates that combine the two fundamental elements of variety and good taste. The only real disappointing one of the entire selection was the Malteser variant, which in my opinion didn't deliver the same quality in comparison to the others - I am sure there will be those that disagree :) Personally I thought the other variants made the transition from full scale products to the bite sized pieces well, encapsulating their different attributes superbly in such small pieces. Despite the recent exclusions of both the Twix and Topic variants this is still a fantastic selection, and one that I would very much recommend. 

8.8 out of 10