November 19th: Lindt Excellence White Chocolate Stracciatella

Kcal 230 Fat 19.0g Fat(sats) 13.0g Carbs 14.0g (per 30.0g)

After the huge success I had with the Lindt Excellence White Coconut Chocolate, I couldn't help but oblige when Dean-German-Grocery offered me the chance to try this 'White Chocolate Stracciatella' bar. Containing 'dark chocolate pieces and rice wheat crispies in white chocolate' it sounded hugely appealing. Doing a bit of research I found that Stracciatella is actually a form of soup, though it is also commonly used as a name for an Italian ice-cream formed of very similar ingredients (see here!).

I don't need to tell you again about the quality of the presentation of Lindt's Excellence range. The outer packaging had a nice light blue colour scheme and pictured a pretty enticing ice-cream image. The bar itself looked fantastic, it looked rather like the Hershey's Cookies n Creme bar, with the cream coloured background speckled with black dark chocolate pieces. On closer inspection I could also make out the crispy pieces, though they didn't seem to be portioned that generously. The bar had a delightful smell, it had a mixture of creamy, caramel sweet scents that were all really appealing.

Having learnt that Stracciatella was a form of ice-cream I was little less surprised when I confronted the insanely vanilla concentrated taste of the white chocolate. It was very distinct, and was far more intense than the white chocolate on offer from the Lindt Excellene White Coconut Chocolate. This had both pros and cons: I liked it for its impactful flavours that really left a creamy aftertaste, though it was these same flavours that did become a bit overly sweet when eaten in large amounts. The sweetness of the white chocolate did contrast favourably with the dark chocolate pieces, which added superb short sharp bursts of cocoa throughout. Like I mentioned above the rice cereal pieces were not that well portioned - to be honest I preferred it like this as the harder cereal pieces only disrupted the smooth melt of the chocolate. The bar tasted fantastic, but the intensity of the sweet flavours meant that it was one best enjoyed it smaller servings.

Overall this was yet another outstanding white chocolate offering from Lindt, who have now proved they can deliver high quality white chocolate in two different guises. The intense vanilla flavour of this bar was as equally as enjoyable as the more milky, creamy white chocolate like in the Lindt Excellence White Coconut Chocolate, though it must be said the added extra elements didn't mix quite as well as the coconut did in the latter. Vanilla ice-cream fans you will fall in love with this bar, similarly I would highly recommend this to any Lindt and white chocolate fans. Yet more outstanding quality from Lindt.

8.7 out of 10