November 1st: Lindt '1001 Nights' Lindor Noel Truffles

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

These Lindt Lindor Noel truffles form another part of the Lindt's '1001 Nights'
Christmas range. Having reviewed many of the Lindt Lindor truffles already to pretty much resounding success, I was looking forward to trying this 'Noel' variant, which was formed of Lindt milk chocolate with a 'hint of 'cinnamon and coriander'.

As you can
see above the product didn't come packaged like any standard Lindor. Instead the truffles came packed in a festive looking cardboard box that certainly looked very decorative. The truffles themselves came in standard Lindor wrappers and looked no different to their milk chocolate counterparts. Even before tasting these though, one thing made them stand out from the rest of the Lindor range ... their smell. The spices were amazingly forthcoming. When photographing these I was preparing over a weeks worth of different chocolate items, yet these 'Noel truffles' completely dominated my smelling senses ... even when placed back in their box!!

Despite the
smell being completely led by the spices, the taste was still very heavily influenced by the milk chocolate. The outer milk chocolate shell had a deliciously thick creamy taste that set up the smooth inner filling perfectly. The middle of the truffle had the usual Lindor melt in the mouth butter texture, but also had an additional tingly, warming element to it. The taste of the centre was largely milky and smooth, though the spices brought an extra dimension of flavours. The flavours varied with elements of dark fruits, alcohol and the obvious cinnamon all adding to the long lasting taste. At times the flavours were a little intense for my liking, though on the whole the interchangeability of the different elements made for an interesting, and delicious taste. Four of these truffles made for the perfect amount and was a pretty fulfilling experience.

these may not be the best tasting Lindt Lindor truffles, but they are the best scoring to date, with their full well rounded attributes - in particular their presentation and smell. The spices really made for a product that delivered big time in terms of its flavour hit. Though the spices were quite intense, the milk chocolate largely stayed in control, and provided the perfect smooth, creamy background for the varying flavours delivered by the soft filling. These are the type of chocolate that would be perfect to enjoy with a nice nightcap, or to go with a coffee. If your after a more unique Lindor experience with a little extra edge, I would very highly recommend these.

8.7 out of 10
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