November 20th: Milka Wasser

Kcal 555 Fat 34.0g Fat(sats) 19.5g Carbs 57.0g (per 100.0g)

There was no need to use a translator for this one - Milka 'Wasser' (Water) forms another part of the Milka Limited editions 'elements' range. This was one of the more unique Milka combinations Dean-German-Grocery have sent me, and was formed of 'Alpine milk chocolate with milk creme and melon'. The only watermelon product I have reviewed before was the Japanese Kit Kat Watermelon ... I was looking for far better things here.

The bar conformed with all standard Milka products, and came in a 100.0g size. The packaging was nicely done - it had all the usual fresh keeping, resealable attributes and included a nice looking picture on the front, displaying the watermelon ingredient clearly. The bar looked exactly like the Milka Milk Creme bar, though some small glistening translucent pieces could be seen between the whipped creme layer. The really striking thing about the bar was its very imposing aroma. A very sweet watermelon scent was very forthcoming, behind this strong fruity aroma were the usual pleasant dairy Milka smells.

The Alpine Milk chocolate as ever provided a very sufficient exterior chocolate. The smooth, creamy melt was delightfully paced and exposed the inner creme filling at just the right rate. The filling was unfortunately where the texture took a bit of a turn for the worse. The creme element was as I was expecting whipped and lighter, which on the whole was enjoyable. Hidden in between this smooth, light layer though were the small transparent particles I mentioned in the bars appearance ... and these were dreaded 'popping candy pieces' ... like the ones found in the Cadbury Magical Elves. I really disliked the popping sensation as it broke up the other smooth layers of the bar. It is a personal thing - I just really didn't enjoy the crackling sensation on the back of my throat. This unfavourable texture quality was really disappointing, even more so given the fact that the actual taste of the filling was pretty good. The watermelon flavour was obviously artificially generated, but still had a really enjoyable, fresh fruity appeal that worked well with the creaminess of the milk creme and alpine milk. The flavours were not the longest lasting, but 50.0g of this made for a more than adequate snack.

Overall the actual flavours in this bar were very well implemented and highly enjoyable, but unfortunately for me the product was ruined by the sheer awfulness of the 'popping candy' texture. The combination of the milk chocolate, milk creme and watermelon favours was well conceived and delivered a unique and refreshing taste. It was just a shame that Milka decided to include those god awful crackling pieces. Even if you are in the same camp as myself and don't particularly enjoy this texture effect, I would still partially recommend this bar solely on the uniqueness of its flavours alone. If your a 'popping candy' and watermelon lover, you are in for a real treat.

7.8 out of 1o