November 20th: Ritter Sport Goldschatz

Kcal 565 Fat ??? Fat(sats) 24.4g Carbs 49.1g (per 100.0g) - site did not disclose fat content!

This Ritter Sport Goldschatz was a bar sent to me by Dean-German-Grocery. The 'Goldschatz' or 'Gold Treasure' to us Brits is a limited edition offering from Ritter Sport, and is formed of a solid bar of milk chocolate containing 40% cocoa solids - 21% of which came from the extra special Trinitario bean woooooo! I was pretty sceptical to what degree this bar could really differ from the slightly dull 31% milk chocolate Ritter Sport use across their standard range, but I thought what the hell anything is worth a try.

This product came in a mammoth 250.0g serving that myself and a few friends shared over the course of an evening. The bar came in a pretty snazzy looking shiny golden wrapper - I guess it did give the product a 'special' feel - it certainly made it stand out from the usual range. The bar itself was very well preserved within the wrapper, each of the blocks had a very shiny looking surface and looked particularly well crafted with the Ritter Sport logo cleanly cut into the surface. The smell of the bar was mostly cocoa rooted, it smelt pleasant but was neither the most forthcoming or remarkable.

Much as I thought, there was only a very minor difference in the taste to this bar and the standard milk chocolate that is implemented in such bars as the Ritter Sport Yogurt, Whole Almonds etc. The texture was good, and the slow thickish melt allowed the flavour progression to play out nicely. The taste of the chocolate was in a sense unremarkable, but at the same time still quite pleasant. The flavours started out very milky, though as the melt of the chocolate progressed the overall taste became far more cocoa driven and chocolaty. The enhanced amount of cocoa made for a longer aftertaste compared to the standard Ritter Sport milk chocolate, though I personally still thought there was a defining element missing to the overall taste. The chocolate was on the whole nice, but just lacked that cutting edge element to its taste to make it stand out in what is already a very congested milk chocolate market.

Overall this was a fair milk chocolate offering, though it really reaffirmed my own belief that the Ritter Sport brand is largely successful due to the usual prestige of its fillings. This was fair enough milk chocolate, though on reflection it lacked a real distinguishing feature like say the creaminess of the Dairy Milk or the clean, crisp taste of the Hotel Chocolat 40%. As far as milk chocolate goes this bar isn't bad at all, just I think if your going to go for a product from the Ritter Sport brand, your best going for a bar with an added flavour.

7.7 out of 10