November 21st: Ritter Sport Citrus Yogurt

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Despite Chocolate Mission currently focusing on delivering Christmas themed reviews, when given the opportunity to sample this summer themed Ritter Sport variant from Dean-German-Grocery I duly obliged. This 'Citrus Yogurt' bar consisted of 'white chocolate filled with lemon yogurt creme and rice crisp pieces'. As with most Ritter Sport offerings the filling was very generously portioned, accounting for 42% of the total bar.

The product came in the standard Ritter Sport format - in a 100.0g bar with fairly nice looking packaging. As I tend to do with most Ritter Sport variants I ate this in two servings, both of which were satisfying enough. As I have mentioned the packaging had a nice look, with a relevant colour scheme and resealable flap. The bar aesthetically looked pretty interesting, the yogurt creme filling stood out nicely with its plentiful portioning and lighter complexion. Within the filling, the rice crispy pieces were also highly visible, adding a nice golden colour just as the on-pack picture suggested. The smell of the bar was very striking - a very pungent citrusy, lemon scent quickly emerged once the packaging was opened. It smelt very nice indeed and proved to be very indicative of the taste.

Despite the bar claiming that only the filling contained lemon, the flavour was evident as soon as I placed the first white chocolate piece in my mouth ... for me this had its advantages and disadvantages. It was disappointing somewhat as it didn't allow for the build of anticipation that you get with most Ritter Sport bars, I am talking about the time in between the outer chocolate melting and the exposure of the filling. Though the excitement of the flavour progression was absent, the actual taste was superb. The white chocolate provided a delicious creamy, vanilla background flavour that complimented the lemon filling nicely. The yogurt filling had several elements to its flavours and textures. The lemon element was obviously very strong, but was nicely balanced placed in its nice dairy creme context. The rice crispies were all but lost in the taste, though were notable for the extra crunchy element they brought to the mostly smooth texture. It was not the most substantial of bars, though with the tangy flavours from both the lemon and the yogurt, it was both refreshing and highly enjoyable.

Overall this was certainly one of the more unique tasting bars I have tried on Chocolate Mission, and I must say I largely enjoyed it. It is safe to say that if you don't like lemon, then you will simply hate this bar, it had a very dominant grip on the overall taste. Luckily, I am rather partial to lemon, and enjoyed the fresh, fruity flavours offered. I have already stated my slight disappointment at the lack of taste progression, however I still think the white chocolate complimented the creamy filling nicely. I am a little unsure as to how well this bar would have worked with a milk chocolate exterior - my guess would be not quite as well. This is a pretty easy bar to offer recommendations for ... its simple - if you enjoy lemon and white chocolate then get involved ... if you don't leave this bar well alone.

8.4 out of 10