November 22nd: Cadbury Shots

Kcal 15 Fat 0.7g Fat(sats) 0.4g Carbs 2.1g (per sweet)

These are a Cadbury product I don't see all that often. Their distribution may vary by region, and for all I know you guys may see them all the time, though here in sunny old Surrey these are very rarely come across. Saying that I did manage to pick up a lone pack in a random One Stop shop. These Cadbury Shots are Cadbury's answer to M&M's, Minstrels etc, billed as 'sugar coated balls of Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate'.

These Cadbury Shots came in the form a 200.0g bag, which I shared with some friends. The packaging and presentation I thought lacked the usual Cadbury charm. The packaging was quite plain in it's design, and the chocolates looked nothing more special than glazed Cadbury Tasters. Don't get me wrong there was nothing wrong with appearance, it was just nothing special either. Hard shelled, sugar coated products commonly lack decent aromas (see M&Ms!!), though this was not true of the 'Shots'. The familiar Dairy Milk smell was ever present, maybe not quite as strong as with other Cadbury products, but it was reasonably forthcoming and enticing.

Though sharing the bag with three other people I managed to get my fair share. In relation to other sugar coated chocolates I would say these were a relatively fulfilling snack, something that was largely down to the strength of the Dairy Milk chocolate. Even given the extra sugar from the hard shells, the Dairy Milk was still quite nicely balanced with its delicious creamy taste. The presence of the sugary shells for me wasn't all that favourable. As mentioned they did little to enhance the taste, and to be honest they spoilt the best way of enjoying the texture of the chocolate, due them needing to be crunched. Dairy Milk is a chocolate that deserves to be longfully left to melt on the tongue, the inclusion of the hard shells meant this wasn't entirely possible.

Overall these were another relatively decent product from Cadbury, though they would never be my favoured means of enjoying Dairy Milk. The sugary shells didn't allow the enjoyment of the slow melt of Dairy Milk, slowly sucking on these gave a the taste of sucking on a sugar cube, which meant at the end of the day they could only really be chewed - which was far from my favoured means of enjoying the chocolate. The Dairy Milk chocolate hit was still delivered, but just couldn't be enjoyed for as long as desired. If your a fan of your hard-shelled chocolate such as M&M's, Minstrels etc these are probably worth you looking at. A fair Cadbury product, but far from anything spectacular.

7.8 out of 10