November 22nd: Hershey's Take 5 White Chocolate

Kcal 200 Fat 10.0g Fat(sats) 5.0g Carbs 25.0g

It seems an absolute age since I last reviewed a Hershey's product, but fear not as **I SHOP 4 YOU II** today supplied me with yet another limited edition from the Take 5 range. I have reviewed the original Take 5 and peanut butter variants before, both to mixed results. Today I tried the White Chocolate variant - those of you who have forgotten what comprises a Take 5, it it is formed of pretzel pieces, caramel, peanuts, peanut butter and in this instance a white chocolate coating.

The bar came in a 42g serving size, this didn't prove to be the most sufficient snack - I was still quite peckish after eating it. The presentation was all rather fair; the two pieces came in a reasonably nice looking foil wrapper that displayed the contents clearly. Inside the packet a inner cardboard sleeve protected the product ... always a nice touch. The pieces themselves were also reasonably well presented. They lacked any really branding or intricate detail, though I could appreciate the distinctiveness of the layering of the inner fillings. I did enjoy the aroma that came from the product - some enjoyable nutty, dairy smells emerged and became increasingly strong when the pieces were bitten in to.

Unfortunately this variant shared a few of the same problems as the peanut butter variant. I found that the outer coating really lacked flavour and had a waxy, slow melt. The white chocolate had a very mild milky flavour, however offered very little aside from this. Fortunately the combination of the contrasting sweet and salty flavours of the peanut butter and pretzels did give the product some degree of enjoyable taste, but even these were short lived. The pretzels were lacking the real crunchy that I desired, however were flavoursome enough to warrant their presence. The caramel element lacked real presence, which was a shame as I thought the sweet, buttery flavours it did add where present, were nicely varied from the salty peanut elements. As stated above this wasn't the most satisfying of snack in terms of hunger. I think this was largely down to the flavours being very short lived.

Overall this was a bit of a lacklustre variant, largely due to the lack of quality from the white chocolate coating. Despite the best efforts of the nicely flavoured pretzel and peanut butter layers, the lack of flavour and poor texture of the coating really came at detriment to the overall taste. Out of the range the milk chocolate Take 5 is still head and shoulders above both the Peanut Butter and this White Chocolate variant. If you were going to go for a Take 5 product that would be the one I suggest.

6.9 out of 10

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