November 6th: Ritter Sport Neapolitan Waffle

Kcal 547 Fat 35.0g Fat(sats) 18.4g Carbs 49.0g (per 100.0g)

Rarely a week goes by lately without me dipping in to the Ritter Sport brand at least once. Sent to me again by the kind folks at Dean-German-Grocery, this 'Neapolitan Waffle' variant was formed of three Neapolitan waffle (aka wafer!) layers (10%), which were separated by two layers of hazelnut creme (35%) and coated with milk chocolate.

I was surprised this bar came in the same size and weight as the other Ritter Sport variants. I based this assumption on the fact the product contained wafers, which normally take up a lot of space but little weight. Anyway, I was wrong and this came in the standard 100.0g form. The outer packaging was coloured largely the same as the 'Peanut' variant, though the clear picture on the front made this variant highly distinguishable. I liked the look of the bar aesthetically, the top of the bar as ever was branded cleanly with the Ritter Sport logo, whilst the layering of the middle waffle and creme layers looked distinct and enticing. The smell of the product was largely hazelnut rooted, which was not surprising considering its large portioning (16% hazelnut mass!!). The strong nutty scents were complimented nicely by some underlying sweet cocoa scents.

The Ritter Sport milk chocolate provided a suitable background milky context for the filling. The melt was smooth as ever and revealed the inner wafer and creme layers at a nice rate. As I always say, the milk chocolate isn't anything to get excited about, but it consistently delivers at providing a nice base taste to the products where it is implemented. At the centre of the bar the wafer and hazelnut creme were placed in five intermittent layers. Despite being able to appreciate products like the Kit Kat, I must admit I am not the biggest wafer fan. I generally find wafers are pretty meaningless and often lack flavour. Thankfully this wasn't the case here. The wafers provided a delicious sweet wheaty element to the taste, and also retained a nice crunchy texture despite the moist creme layers being in constant contact. The hazelnut creme layer reminded me a lot of the Ritter Sport Praline bar and had an absolutely delicious, creamy nutty taste. The wafer element meant that this wasn't quite on the same hunger fulfilment levels of the 'Whole Hazelnut' variants, though 50.0g was satisfactory enough.

Overall the combination of all the layers provided an outstanding convergence of tastes and textures that was highly enjoyable. If I was to a liken this to anything I would say that it was like a superior version of the Kinder Bueno and Kit Kat Senses. I wouldn't say the hazelnut filling is quite on the same level as the Bueno, though there is no doubt in the fact that the chocolate and wafer layers are far, far superior. I wasn't massively excited about trying this variant, but it is definitely one I would have again - recommended.

8.6 out of 10