November 24th: Hotel Chocolat Christmas Bauble

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

My third dip into the Christmas 'Peepster Box' saw me sampling this 'Christmas Bauble' slab. Those of you that are attentive will recognise the centerpiece milk chocolate 'Bauble' from the Hotel Chocolat Bells & Baubles selection I reviewed a few weeks ago. This 'Bauble' piece was 'set in to a swirling white and milk chocolate fusion' i.e. a slab comprised of both white and milk chocolate.

I ate this 100.0g slab in the two standard servings - as usual leaving the 'finale' Bauble piece till last. The only disappointment of course was with the lack of Christmas theme on the exterior packaging. I liked the look of the slab, however it didn't quite have the intricacy of the swirl pattern of the previously reviewed Hotel Chocolat Milk & White Fusion. The distinction between the milk and white chocolate was more simplistic - half white chocolate and half milk chocolate - it lacked the overlapping effect like in the 'Fusion'. The slab emanated some very familiar scents - the strong dairy and cocoa smells never fail to entice.

Both milk and white chocolates were on top form in this slab. Both chocolates textures were divine as ever, slowly melting into a thick double cream like consistency. The 40% milk chocolate delivered all the usual smooth, milky, cocoa led flavours with its clean, crisp taste - utterly fantastic. Similarly the white chocolate didn't fail in delivering its sweet, buttery, vanilla edged taste. My only disappointment with this slab was a result of its design work. As I have previously mentioned there was very little overlapping between the two chocolate types - individually the chocolates were absolutely superb, but it would have been nice to have had more of a mixture between the two. The only instance were the chocolates did mix to a worthwhile degree was the 'Bauble' piece that was more set into the white chocolate side of the slab. The mixture of both the chocolates delivered a full flavoured, creamy taste like no other - it is not often I eat chocolate that was this enjoyable.

Overall despite not reaching its full potential due to the design of the slab, this was yet another instance of pure quality from Hotel Chocolat. Further collaboration of the two types of chocolate would have been preferable, though individually they didn't fail in delivering their utterly luxurious separate tastes. I whole heartily recommend this slab - it is the perfect way of experiencing the greatness of both Hotel Chocolat milk and white chocolate in one fantastic product.

8.4 out of 10