November 25th: Milka Delicate & Dark Black Pepper

Kcal 565 Fat 41.5g Carbs 40.0g (per 100.0g)

Delicate & Dark (aka Zart & Dunkel), is yet another line of Milka that Dean-German-Grocery have provided me samples of. The premise behind the Delicate & Dark range is that it is a more darker, more premium offering to the usual Milka range - with the standard Alpine milk chocolate mixed with dark chocolate to form a bar with 50% cocoa mass. This particular variant was billed as 'dark chocolate mixed with Alpine Milk, noted with Black Pepper' ... yes you did read that correctly black pepper. Given my utterly disastrous first experience with the Hotel Chocolat pepper and chocolate combination, I wasn't all that optimistic with this one.

The presentation of the product was pretty good. It came in a thin cardboard box that was decorated nicely with the standard purple Milka colour scheme and gold coloured text. The 100.0g bar was tightly wrapped in gold foil. Once removed, the blocks appeared nicely sectioned - each with a Milka logo crafted into the surface. Initially in taking the aroma of the bar was quite pleasant, it had some very familiar Milka dairy scents, though I soon detected the black pepper ... no joke I nearly sneezed.

I do enjoy standard Milka Alpine milk chocolate, however when not accompanied by a strong filling flavour, say caramel for instance, I can find it a little on the uninspiring side. Don't get me wrong it is pleasant enough, but doesn't have a taste that really grabs the consumer by the taste buds. Things were a little different with this bar, the chocolate was indeed more forthcoming in its cocoa notes, but still retained the milky flavours of the standard Alpine Milk. So there I was ... enjoying the smooth melt and fuller flavours of this Milka chocolate when of course the inevitable happened with the introduction of the black pepper to the taste. In a word- Yuck!! As with the Hotel Chocolat bar it tasted out of place, I just didn't get the mix at all. It wasn't half as strong as the peppercorns in the Hotel Chocolat bar, but it still just tasted all wrong. I did eat 50.0g of this in one serving, though it was neither an experience that was satisfying or that enjoyable.

Overall I think you have to remember is that this site only reflects one mans views on a product, and it just so happens this man really doesn't get the mixture of chocolate and black pepper. I found this bar highly enjoyable until the pepper flavours came in to play. The chocolate was great tasting, which really gives me high hopes for the rest of the range. As for this bar though, I just really wouldn't recommend it. I would love to hear from any pepper and chocolate combo fans ... I just want to know if you actually exist :)

6.3 out of 10