November 25th: Pop Rocks Milk Chocolate

Kcal 161 Fat 7.0g Fat(sats) 4.0g Carbs 24.0g

Pop Rocks - 'MELTS on your tongue, POPS in your mouth' ... I must admit, I can't say this was a chocolate bar I have really looked forward to reviewing - to be honest quite the opposite. I am never one to turn down free chocolate though, so I gratefully accepted this bar from the folk at CandyPirate. Billed as 'milk chocolate with a kick', you have probably have guessed by now that this bar included the infamous 'popping candy' - those of you who wish to see my latest displeasure with the stuff see Cadbury Magical Elves & Milka Wasser.

The bar came in a 33.0g serving, although this sounded small it actually provided a sufficient enough snack accompanying my mid-afternoon tea. The wrapper was pretty nice, the design was simple yet effective and communicated the theme of the bar well with some bright colours and jazzed up tag lines. The bar itself had a non to appetising dusty surface, it was also split into a pretty curious 3 blocks, each of which were just a little to large to eat all at once ... it would have been far better split into four. I must give some props for the logos that were printed on the surface, they gave the bar some much needed character. The smell of the bar was very faint, offering only a minor sweet scent - in truth it was largely undetectable.

Now before I get a barrage of e-mails in my inbox telling me how unfair I was on this bar, please let me substantiate that there were some parts of it I enjoyed. For one I actually quite liked the milk chocolate! I was expecting it to lack flavour considering it was only really supposed to be a carrier for the selling point of the bar - the popping candy, but it actually had a degree of appeal and had a nice milky taste. Unlike in other popping candy chocs I have tried, Cadbury Elves for example, the taste of the chocolate wasn't ruined by an unecesary additional sweetness from the candy pieces - this bar maintained a pretty neutral degree throughout. Right, so on to the popping candy ... I won't beat around the bush it still wasn't to my liking. I could to a point see the appeal of the fizzing sensation on the tongue, but the popping on the back of the throat I just couldn't handle - I guess it just isn't for everyone.

Overall as far as popping candy bars go, this wasn't bad - but due to my own dislike of popping candy it was never going to score high. The milk chocolate had a relative appeal - of course it was no where near top quality milk chocolate, but it had a milky appeal nonetheless. I can pretty safely conclude now that popping candy just isn't for me - hey we all have our likes and dislikes! If your the polar opposite to me and enjoy your popping candy, then this is a bar you will want to check out.

6.9 out of 10